Weekend Web Gems: Minnesota Twins Links From Outside of the Pond


Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It is finally Friday and you can smell fall in the air. Of course, with the full onset of fall that means the water in Puckett’s Pond is getting a little cold, but we’re going to swim in it until we have to ice fish on top of it.


Speaking of utilizing, there is a lot of great Minnesota Twins content out there on the interwebs. There’s a world outside of the Pond.

On Fridays, we will link to the best Twins stories of the week that are out there, so everyone has something to read over the weekend or on Monday morning when you go back to work and you don’t really want to work.

I hope you enjoy the work other smart people have written about the Twins. Let’s go fishing!

Byron Buxton looks like someone, but we are really scared to say it. It’s kind of like jinxing a no-hitter, but John Sickels from Minor League Ball, SB Nation, tells us that we can in fact compare Byron Buxton to the phenomenal Mike Trout.

On the pontoon, making waves and catching rays out on the roof… Oh, platoons! Jesse over at Twinkie Town talks about how platoons are a good thing and how the Twins probably should take advantage of that strategy more.  THE RETURN OF DUSTY KEILMOHR!!! (The right field platoon of Dustan Mohr and Bobby Kielty from the 2001 season)

If you were wondering how all the ex-Twins were doing around the league, Seth Stohs over at Twins Daily broke it all the way down. Stats for all the big names that have left and take a look at the lineup the ex-Twins could put out there.


Day three as the editor of Puckett’s Pond, Phil Mackey and I wrote columns about the same thing: the hole the Twins are in when it comes to starting pitching which is ever evident when looking at the playoff teams. I noted this on Twitter and Phil is such a cool dude he retweeted the tweet linking to my Puckett’s Pond article and his own over on 1500 ESPN’s website. I highly recommend reading at least Mackey’s take.


Mackey’s radio partner Patrick Reusse scribbled out a fabulous column for the Star Tribune about David Ortiz, saying the Twins releasing the future superstar was the second biggest flub of a personnel move in Twin Cities’ sports history. It’s hard to argue, really.

Terry Ryan hasn’t been a fan of free agency since, well, ever. Mike Berardino from the Pioneer Press says that Ryan can’t hide from that monster anymore.

In a non-exclusively Twins related piece, Phil Mackey from 1500 ESPN again gets a link. He published from his radio segment ‘The SixList’, but put it in a word format. The topic on hand is six things Minnesota sports fans just can’t seem to get over. Of course, the Twins make a couple appearances on the list.

Of course, no article full of links can compare to Aaron Gleeman’s Link-O-Rama. Check it out and be exposed to even more of the internets.

One of the best things to read every week in Randball’s Stu’s weekly satirical take on the Twins over at Twinkie Town. This week he takes on the PR department bragging up the return of Doug Bernier, kinda.

Collin’s music choice for the weekend: Paul McCartney’s new album New. I’ve gave it a full listen a couple times and that couple times will most certainly turn into a higher number. Sir Paul may be 71, but he can still make some awesome music.