Preseason Player Projections Review – Hitters


Hicks has exceeded expectations on defense at least. (Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)

I meant to post this at the midway point of the season but sometimes life happens. Anyways, it’s still a good point to compare how the Twins are performing this year to the projections I had for them to start the year. The top set of statistics is my projections. The bottom set is the Twins’ statistics from the midway point pro-rated for 162 games.

Aaron Hicks42561102155347166920652510.2760.4470.3510.799
Brian Dozier13455189154227104223472200.2790.3990.3360.735
Joe Mauer1455458418734316914882750.3430.5050.4340.939
Josh Willingham1555418113730128993682530.2530.4680.3370.804
Justin Morneau13653485165281321032612910.3090.5450.3800.925
Trevor Plouffe1324976913323125752422330.2680.4690.3250.793
Joe Benson12146373119184145113481870.2570.4040.3270.731
Chris Parmelee1204605710721217622411830.2330.3980.2950.693
Ryan Doumit1204305112025017701311960.2790.4560.3280.783
Pedro Florimon111404379613552912311340.2380.3320.2920.624
Darin Mastroianni1003756010015474225361440.2670.3840.3310.715
Jamey Carroll107367511071911349411310.2920.3570.3630.720
Eduardo Escobar75210154582112913600.2140.2860.2600.546
Drew Butera3295619501605270.2000.2840.2400.524
Chris Herrmann3295823711919350.2420.3680.3080.676
Joe Mauer1556228919749015580862890.3160.4650.3970.862
Justin Morneau1515796715740013930442350.2700.4060.3290.734
Ryan Doumit1425135512431215692462020.2410.3940.3010.695
Brian Dozier14249167115224156215511870.2330.3810.3130.694
Josh Willingham1274485810024018672711780.2240.3980.3560.754
Chris Parmelee147428359822015362471640.2300.3830.3080.691
Aaron Hicks1184116082185133811361490.1990.3630.2660.629
Trevor Plouffe1114104710620216602311780.2580.4360.3200.756
Pedro Florimon135410409316075115331310.2270.3200.2830.603
Oswaldo Arcia106368369620211462271530.2620.4160.3230.739
Jamey Carroll80268295890015220670.2180.2520.2720.524
Eduardo Escobar100238365144516018780.2140.3280.2680.596
Clete Thomas55186314670515022690.2450.3730.3250.697
Wilkin Ramirez4282520500902250.2440.3110.2710.582
Chris Colabello13290400000040.1250.1250.1250.250
Chris Herrmann1324511202704180.4620.7690.5331.303
Darin Mastroianni15162400002240.2220.2220.3000.522
Scott Diamond29130200000020.1430.1430.1430.286

Overall, so far, I’m doing quite poorly without some second half surges. I expected the Twins to actually be pretty good offensively this year. My biggest miss was on Morneau. I really thought he was finally back and feeling like his old self after the concussions and would bounce back for a big year. That hasn’t happened at all. I also thought Hicks had finally figured things out and would be a top Rookie of the Year contender. I still think his second half stats might approach my full projection rates. Josh Willingham struggled and then got hurt but his rate stats could still end up pretty close to what I had for him. I also thought Joe Benson would grab a spot that instead went to Oswaldo Arcia. The one I did hit out of the park at least so far is Chris Parmelee as his stats and my projections are almost identical. Most guys are performing slightly below what I expected. That combined with nobody performing better than I expected adds up to a very bad hitting team. But there’s still a lot of season for these guys to turn it around and at least post respectable numbers. We’ll take another look in October to see how I really did.