Get Geeked: Opening Day’s in Less than a Week


I saw a good amount of grass today. The patch was almost big enough to play catch on, therefore it would’ve been the perfect spot for Ben Revere to long toss (sorry for the zing but you’re a Phillie now). But back to the greenery that is such a splendid sight for sore eyes. Spring is about to be sprung upon our great state, and with that comes, of course, another Twins’ season and 81 great days to be at Target Field.

Other than holding my breath on the status of Sam Deduno‘s groin injury, it’s been sort of a slow day in Twins Territory, and I’m thankfully tapped out of fantasy baseball talk for the time being. So while we wait for the season to start and the serious chatter to begin, I thought I’d share a few offbeat aspects to the Twins experience outside the play on the field.

“Minnesota’s Most Hated Man” Recipient – 2002. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY SportsIt wasn’t long ago that Bud Selig tried to rid baseball of the Expos and Twins, but the ‘Spos became the Nats, and we shoved a division title back in his face and ruined the ending of Moneyball. The point is, Bud almost succeeded, and for a while, there was a legitimate possibility the Twins were going to be lost forever.

Sorry for the rant on Selig, but I remember the fear I felt then, and that is why I cherish every opportunity to go to beautiful Target Field. And with that, we’ve had enough with the mushy stuff, and we’ll get back to a few of the reasons our stadium is so unique and why I’ll never stop coming back.

The Schwinns of Anarchy

Consider this an open enrollment announcement for the motor bicycle gang I’m forming. My chapter will roll hard out of St Louis Park, but I strongly encourage anyone within riding distance of our amazing trail system to go green and ditch game day traffic whenever possible. Personally, I plan to drive downtown zero times for a game this season. I’m going to log so many miles that I might have to put in an order with Lance Armstrong’s guy to keep me going through September. I’ve been to a lot of ballparks and many are not easy (nor cheap) to get to. I’m talking like 45 minutes to go 10 miles. Trust me, we are spoiled in this regard.

So if you are able-bodied and more coordinated than Hunger Games girl, then hop on your two-wheeler and pedal on down to the pavilion. It’s great exercise and good reason to treat yourself to some extra concessions. If you’re wondering how to spot us, the Schwinns’ patch and jackets are still works in progress. I don’t sew or wear leather so the crew might have to settle for t-shirts but we’ll see. In the meantime, check the tires, start the fires, and I’ll see you on the trails. Also, we are currently only about four members deep, so feel free to ride.

Extreme Makeover: Right Field Bleachers Edition

Things have changed down the right field line. Photo Courtesy: BTXJI’ve been aware of this vicinity’s pitfalls since the stadium opened and have avoided it like the plague. The sight lines were very poor, and every time I walked past the section, I would see at least 12 children (and two adults) crying because their seats sucked. C’mon parents, you have to do your due diligence. Thankfully, those bleachers are no more and they will be servicing local little league fields throughout the Twin Cities. In comes a new “casual seating” area in Sections 139, 140, and 141.

Detailed specifications of the new section have me excited, and it won’t be long before I take in a game in these new digs. It’s a shame they couldn’t have made it a free zone, but at least the 200 fans that will now occupy that real estate will be able to see the game from foul pole to foul pole. Something tells me these will be a hot ticket.

My Girl, Sue
Sue’s always rockin’ out with a smile. Photo Courtesy: BTXJThe secret’s slowly getting out and the prime spots are going to be harder to come by, but I’m going to fuel this fire. I’ve been to more than my fair share of games since 2010, but it wasn’t until last season that I stumbled (possibly literally) across this gem. The 2 Gingers Pubs (located behind Sections 314 and 315) come equipped with two full bars and some great (free) spots to watch the game, but it’s the headlining act that gets the party going better than the booze being slung just a few feet away.

Also the organist for the Wild, Sue Nelson will be tickling the ivory for her 15th season in 2013. Drafted out of the first round in…okay kidding, but seriously, if you haven’t paid her a visit at 2 Gingers Pubs (no, not a typo), it comes highly recommended from yours truly. Obviously, the seventh inning stretch is prime-time for Nelson, so you better get there early if you want to secure a good spot for the sacred song. I urge you to buy a cheap ticket and post up near Sue in the early innings. Don’t worry, she will provide plenty of good times and good tunes to get you through the night and is quite photogenic if you ask me.