Talk To Contact, Ep 22: TwinsFest, A Cat Video, and Tigers Talk


Episode 22 of the Twins baseball podcast,  Talk To Contact (@TalkToContact), is now available for download via iTunes or by clicking here.

Getting some ink from Twins top prospect

Miguel Sano

; his signature, by the way, is almost completely illegible.

Paul spent the weekend up in Minnesota attending TwinsFest, drinking beer and talking baseball. As a result, he sounds both hungover and lifeless on the podcast, but there’s still lots of great content.  Apologies to the listener for the audio quality at points during the recording as Paul was using his AWESOME (sarcasm) travel laptop for recording, thus you can literally hear the computer fan whirring in the background trying to keep the computer from exploding.  We are joined towards the end of the episode by Jose Bosch (@HJBosch21 from Motor City Bengals to take a look at the Detroit Tigers off-season.  We also discuss Tony Oliva, Matthew Summersand a comprehensive review of TwinsFest and the cat video guy.  
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Cat Video Guy! Pretty sure he’ll be internet famous in no time

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