Happy Twins Fest, Pitcher Projections Next Week


I planned on doing my Twins pitchers projections this week but just didn’t have the time to give them the necessary attention. I will get those posted next week. Here’s also hoping everyone that was able to attend Twins Fest and the auxiliary gathering around it had a great time and got to meet and get to know other great Twins fans. Some year I will get to attend and look forward to eventually meeting many of the other Twins bloggers out there.

I spent the entire weekend in a recording studio laying down tracks for a new album for one of my bands until an hour ago, and now I have to listen to some preliminary studio mixes for a new album from my other band. And during the week I spent most of my time editing a music video. You’ll probably see through the course of the year that I’ll be blogging from all over the US as I’m on tour promoting these albums. Last year we took in a Cardinals game while on a tour stop in Saint Louis and hopefully we can check off a few more stadiums this year. So, in place of Twins content this week, here’s a glimpse of what else keeps me busy.

Here’s the video I worked on this week from my band, The Fattenin’ Frogs. I’m the tall guitar player with the sweet mustache.

And here’s the music video for Junkie by my band The 4onthefloor featuring video from our first headlining show at First Avenue. Here I’m the bass player playing the “floor” bass drum.