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I’ve taken the last couple of weeks off from doing much of anything baseball related aside from recording the Talk to Contact podcast with my brother, and we even took a week off from that.  Call it a post-Christmas hangover, or blame it on the lack of anything remotely interesting of exciting going on in baseball.  My hiatus is over and now I bring you some of my favorite links from the last few days.  Next week I’ll be back with the usual Friday morning linkfest to get you through the last few hours of your work week without doing anything productive.

Waiting for baseball to come back…

For the first time in my life I joined a fantasy hockey league and I would like to give a big thanks to the guys at TSN for putting together some great pre-draft information to get me started.

Stop over to the Platoon Advantage and take a look at some interesting pitching stats or visit TC Huddle to see some hillariously terrible lip-readings of Adrian Peterson

Dave Schoenfield of the Sweet Spot blog continues to produce quality content, this week he took a look at one-hit wonders throughout the league, including this post focused on the AL Central.

Have you ever wondered why baseball players always seem to injure themselves in odd and awkward ways?  Visit Baseball Prospectus to learn more.

Glen Perkins avoided arbitration and did an interview with ESPN 1500, both were good news for my eyes to read. The Twins also avoided arbitration with Drew Butera, and while this was less exciting for me to read, Butera does have some qualities worth mentioning, but I think the Twins Rubes said it best when they called Drew Butera “The Necessary Evil“.

FanGraphs has a stat to measure just about everything that happens on a baseball field, but what about BEER?  The newest, and best stat ever created, BEERS ABOVE REPLACEMENT!

Smart baseball fans should be reading Beyond the Box Score.  Some of their stuff is a bit over my head, or rather at least more involved that I’m willing to get with the numbers, and I love numbers. This week Matt Hunter wonders if teams should be stealing more, and it’s a read we can all enjoy, number geeks and otherwise.

Knuckleballs is easily one of my favorite Twins blogs, and then they went and added my brother to their staff.  Jim Crikket has written a series of articles sharing information and insight about players that will be spending all of some time with the Twins new low-A Affiliate Cedar Rapids Kernels. Also over at KB my brother Eric wonders aloud what’s going on with the Twins bullpen.

The World Baseball Classic rosters have been released, and Cody Christie, the NoDakTwinsFan, asks the question “Should the Twins players compete in the WBC?

The New Enthusiast is one of my favorite non-baseball blogs, and it’s complete hilarity and nonsense.  This week you can read lines from LL Cool J repurposed to invoke snacks.

Finally go read 10 stray thoughts from Dustin Parkes.

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