Links-n-Things: Post Christmas Hangover


With Christmas now in the rear-view mirror and New Years celebrations coming in just a few days there have been lots of things to keep baseball people busy, as such, it’s been a bit of a slow week in baseball. The Winter Meetings are over and the hot stove has cooled considerably, players, agents, front office personnel and bloggers across the internet are enjoying some much needed time away from baseball. But you, our faithful readers, you’re here, you’re still reading, still clicking away. I dedicate this post to you, you who refuse to let baseball slip into the subconscious. Below you’ll find a collection of some of my favorite articles and other nonsense from the week that has passed to feed your need for baseball.

This and other Burt meme’s available here

If you complete a Google image search for “twins” the first item to show up is this. If you keep scrolling through the pages, you’ll find the first Minnesota Twins related image on page eight. Not very exciting if you’r a Twins fan. However, this mindless search did remind me of a great movie by the same name.

Prospects are all over the web these days, here at Puckett’s Pond I released another section of my top 20 list, the Bright Futures series continues, and Brad gave us a look at the beginning of his top 25. Joe Posnanski got in on the fun too, he took a look back at some of the top prospects from 2006. He also had another gem in which he discussed what he’s calling “The Tango Option” concerning Hall of Fame voting.

Over at ESPN 1500 they reported that Justin Morneau is miles ahead of where he was last season. This could be the first of many Twins players rumored to be in the best shape of their lives.

Twinkie Town took a look at all the happenings in the AL Central this off-season, definitely a must read for those looking to see what’s been going on this winter all around the division. And if you’re curious how the Twins and the rest of the AL Central stack up against the rest of MLB, over at the Sweet Spot Blog they’ve given us the first Power Rankings I’ve seen since the World Series ended. Also over at Twinkie Town, Jesse wonders where the Twins will look for a fourth outfielder.

The Angels have a true superstar in Mike Trout, but what is it exactly that makes him so amazing? Getting Blanked gives us a look at what makes him so great.

Every week I post links to what’s been happening over at Knuckleballs Blog, and with good reason, Jim Crikket and the rest of the staff over there consistently produce some of my favorite Twins content week in and week out. This week Mr. Crikket gives us several gems to enjoy; Spending the Twins Money… Or not, Why do we care about the Twins, and a look at who is Cooperstown bound in 2013. If you haven’t book marked their site, now is the time!

Over at Beyond the Boxscore, a must read for any analytically minded baseball fan, Alex Kienholz helps us appreciate the knuckleball, Ari Berkowitz wonders if Miguel Cabrera’s shift to third base will result in a quicker decline and James Gentile takes a closer look at when giving up a free pass is the right move..

Did your parents get you something baseball related for Christmas? If they didn’t, are you sure they really know and love you? Patrick Dubuque of NotGraphs knows his parents love him.

Over at the Star Tribune they’ve been listing off their top 12 sports related stories of 2012, my favorite so far came in at #6.

Brian Duensing took a few moments of his holiday time to answer some questions for, Rhett Bollinger has the details.

Brad Johnson of the Hardball Times wrote at open letter to this off-seasons free agents, it’s worth taking some time to read, even if you’re not looking to sign a contract this winter. Also at Hardball Times Glen DuPaul tries to find out if going for broke is an recipe for success.

“There’s nooooooooooooo smoking in the metrodome” and over at their tumblr account we get to see some amazing pictures from photo day at Metropolitan stadium, circa 1962. They also shared a preview of the Twins new batting practice caps.

The NoDak Twins fan tells us a little bit about a strange but true feat accompished by the Twins Ryan Doumit this past season.

Baseball America released their top 50 baseball related twitter accounts, sadly I did not make the list, but one hard core Twins blogger did, to find out who, follow the link.

That’s all I’ve got for this week; which blogs, baseball or otherwise, are your favorite week in and week out? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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