The 2013 Twins Roster I’d Like to See – Pitchers


Last week I wrote about the position players I would like to see make up the Twins’ primary roster for 2013 so this week I will cover the pitchers. My assumption is that Gardenhire will carry 11 or 12 pitchers most of the year due partly to the ineffectiveness of the starting staff. For my purposes, I listed 13 position players and will list 12 pitchers, even though my true preference would be that the team could go with 10 pitchers and 15 position players.

SP: Vance Worley – we don’t know how his stuff will play in the AL yet but if healthy, he seems likely to be a solid mid-to-back rotation starter.

SP: Scott Diamond – I highly doubt he replicates his success of last year, but just being mediocre and pitching innings will be better than plenty of guys have been able to provide lately for the Twins.

SP: Kyle Gibson – probably won’t start the year with the team or pitch a ton of innings but looks like a solid possibility to be their best starting pitcher by some point of the year. If his velocity really is back to pre-injury levels, he can still be a top of rotation guy somewhere down the road.

SP: Mike Pelphry – he’s got workhorse size and velocity when healthy but has never developed the ability to strike guys out. Even so, he’s had times where he looked like a very solid Major League pitchers. A worthwhile project.

SP: Liam Hendriks – he’s put up fantastic numbers in the minors that just hasn’t translated to the big club. He isn’t overpowering but can still strike guys out with a low 90’s fastball. He’s a control guy but his control in the zone has been shaky at the Major League level, but he’s one of the few guys the Twins have that has the potential to be a building block moving forward. I’d rather keep trying to develop Hendriks than throw Kevin Correia and his history of mediocrity in the NL out there.

Closer: Glenn Perkins – no brainer

RP: Jared Burton – great pickup last year and looks like #2 bullpen guy again this year

RP: Brian Duensing – lefty looks to regain mojo with a more defined role this year

RP: Alex Burnett – somehow was decent last year with underwhelming peripherals. Willing to give him one more year to see if he re-develops ability to miss bats

RP: Kevin Correia – we all know he will be on the roster. Hopefully it’s in middle relief even though they signed him to that huge mistake of a contract.

RP: Anthony Slama – give this kid a chance! Major League history is filled with guys who never got a fair shake until their late 20’s yet became solid contributors for several years. His control may not be great, but his eye popping minor league numbers should at least earn him a shot.

RP: Ryan Pressley – rule 5 draftee is reported to have a pretty good fastball and came on strong this year after being converted to relief. There’s not a lot of guys in the system that appear likely to be a lot better options so why not give the kid a chance?

Over this list isn’t going to impress anyone. There is still a glaring lack of strikeout ability but power arms are on the way. They should start trickling in this year and then really start to show up on the scene in 2014 so there is hope on the horizon. Your thoughts?