Links-n-Things: Merry Christmas Twins Territory


If you count today there are four shopping days until Christmas. Four. If you haven’t gotten your packages into the mail by now, they’re not making it to your friends and family on time, so hopefully any last minute gifts will be delivered in person. I’ll be spending Christmas with some friends out here in Seattle, enjoying the Christmas spirit with a batch of extra strong home made eggnog and an ugly sweater that Bill Cosby would be jealous of. Merry Christmas Twins Territory! And now, on with the links!

Theooooo, ya know…. skibbidy boo bop, skee yeah!

Eno Sarris wrote a poem: Dickey, A Lamentation. Pure awesome.

The Angels traded Kendry Morales to the Mariners in exchange for Kenny Vargas; Edward Thoma, the Baseball Outsider, wonders what that tells the Twins about Justin Morneau‘s trade value.

Aaron Gleeman takes a long look at Trevor Plouffe and his power surge from 2011, what does that mean for his future?

Have you ever wondered how you could become Santa Claus? Brett and Kate McKay from the Art of Manliness have detailed some instructions on how to become the best Santa to your children. If you don’t have kids, they’ve also put together a to-do list that you can complete to put an African Safari in your future. And if that’s not your thing either, you could at least take a look at the surprisingly manly history of hot cocoa.

Around the AL Central: Over at Wahoo’s on First, Jeff Mount takes a look at a new approach to competitive balance in the MLB. Matt Snyder of the Motor City Bengals gives us a look at six moves the Detroit Tigers could make this off-season. James Fegan from the Southside Showdown talks tickets with anyone who will listen. And over at Kings of Kauffman Kevin Scobee gives you all of the Jeff Francoeur facts you could ever want to know, and then some.

For the last minute shoppers out there Baseball Prospectus has a list of 8 gifts for the baseball fan on your list.

Brandon Warne, recent guest of the Talk to Contact Podcast, argues that even though the Twins have upgraded their rotation, they may not have actually upgraded their rotation.

Matt Hunter, of Beyond the Boxscore, takes a look at factors that might affect pitch framing. Alex Kienholz, also at BtBS put together a nice piece about knuckleballers are WAR.

The NoDakTwins Fan, Cody Christie, details the race to Target Field between Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano. He also wrote an article I enjoyed that asked the reader “Is Joe Mauer a lock for the HOF?”

Over at Joe Blog, Joe Posnanski brings up the annual question, is Jack Morris going to get into the HOF?

Dave Schoenfield from the SweetSpot blog takes a look at what it means to win 94 games.

And finally over at the Star Tribune, La Velle E. Neal III brings us up to speed on Mike Pelfrey and a possible run at Rich Harden.


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