Mauer wedding weekend


July 1, 2011; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer (7) smiles during a rain delay before a game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Well, if the rumors are true, this Saturday is the day that hearts all over Minnesota break as Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer marries high school classmate Maddie Bisanz.  If a girl can get over the heartbreak, it’s really a cute made-for-a-movie type of story.  Mauer and Bisanz were classmates and friends at Cretin-Derham Hall High School, but the lovebirds didn’t date until they reconnected about two-and-a-half years ago.

One of my favorite stories about the two of them was the mini media frenzy that verified all the “Mauer has a girlfriend” rumors.  During the 2011 All-Star Break, a rare occasion when Mauer wasn’t playing in the Mid-Summer Classic, the two decided to sneak up to Duluth for a few quiet days to relax.  It was Mauer’s first trip, and Bisanz had the opportunity to show him her college stomping grounds.  It’s really adorable that they naïvely thought Mauer could sneak into town unnoticed.  Instead, the usually Shy Guy graciously fielded questions at an impromptu press conference at the Northland Country Club, while chivalrously covering for the the Unnamed Girlfriend who sped away with the golf cart.

Like any good sports fan, when I heard the news of the Hometown Hero’s engagement, I had to do my research on the fiancée to make sure Joe was marrying a nice girl.  As Minnesota Vikings fans have learned, the wrong gal in a key player’s life can make the difference when it comes to winning and losing.  Okay, I confess, I wasn’t really looking out for the good of the team.  I was a little bit jealous.  But I did talk with some friends who attended CDH when Joe and Maddie were there, as well as friends who have connections now through work, family, or church.  I learned Joe and Maddie really are both very down to earth and do things like play basketball with the neighborhood kids.

I approve.

In all seriousness, in the age of baseball players like Derek Jeter, who sends his one-night-stands home with gift baskets of Jeter memorabilia, it’s refreshing to see a happy and more “normal” story unfold, a story that is probably (and thankfully) closer to most players’ reality.  Instead of making headlines for his conquests and exploits, Mauer makes news with his fiancée for things like the dedication of the children’s playroom donated to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul.  It seems natural that they will continue to fit right in with all the charitable work done by Twins players and the Twins Wives.

I’d hate to ruin Joe and Maddie’s day by being the one to publicize the wedding location details I’ve come across, tempting those heartbroken ladies into joining the paparazzi for a day.  However, I will share this tweet about the wedding party, which is fun but not really surprising, as Mauer and Justin Morneau are former roommates and known to be close friends:

Oh, and I guess I won’t be able to reuse this Halloween costume next year:

Congratulations to the real Mr. & Mrs. Hometown Hero!