Twins Gossip: Ex-Twin Valencia gets hitched this weekend


Aug 1, 2012; Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Scores of 19-year-old girls cried throughout the great state of Minnesota when “third baseman” Danny Valencia was traded to the Boston Red Sox as the 2012 season limped to an end.  Those of us who are more “mature” in years just laughed at them.  And sighed in relief over the trade.  I think I heard a couple of them sniffling this weekend, which is rumored to be Danny V’s wedding weekend.

It first became widely known that Valencia was engaged when his fiancée gave him a ride to the airport one fall day, and they were rear-ended by Denard Span en route.  The accident was minor, although the players missed at least one game with general soreness.  It also added to the list of strange injuries, incidents, and accidents that happened to the 2011 Minnesota Twins.

Fortunately, the accident didn’t make any lasting impact on Span and Valencia’s friendship.  Indeed, Span told the Twittersphere that he had an invitation to a special celebration for Valencia, presumably a wedding weekend full of swag:

Of course, when creating a guest list, there’s always the awkward business of who just doesn’t fit.  Apparently, not all of Valencia’s former teammates made the cut:

Congratulations and best wishes to Danny Valencia and his bride.  And Danny, here in the land of the Twins, we’ll be happy to see you in the hot corner for any team we may play.