Friday Links-n-Things: Twitter Edition – Follow Friday


It seems that every Twins blogger out there worth his (or her) salt is producing a weekly post to review the happenings from around the internet that are interesting to them or relevant to their team. This week I thought I would go in a different direction and share some of our favorite Twitter personalities; prepare for a heavy dose of Friday Follows (#FF). I’ll start out with some Twitter people that several of the other Puckett’s Pond staff have recommended and finish up with some of my favorites.

Follow Friday… The best of the best of the Twitter world.

Darren Wolfson (@DarrenWolfson) of 1500 ESPN covers all Minnesota sports and can be counted on for a good “scoop.” And while you’re busy following Darren, makes sure to give fellow 1500 ESPN personality Phil Mackey (@PMac21) a chance as well.

If you want to know what Trevor Plouffe is up to, just follow him on the Twitter, @TPlouffe24, and you’ll never have to wonder again. If you follow fellow Twin Ben Revere (@BenRevere9) you’ll see a bunch of posts everyday from him, he’s from Atlanta and he loves the Lord, and he’ll tweet about both of them. Glen Perkins (@glen_perkins) is another solid Twins tweeter, but Brian Dozier (@BrianDozier) is probably my favorite, mostly because his Twitter avatar is a photo of him with Jim Thome.

If you listen to the Effectively Wild podcast then you probably already follow the co-hosts, Sam Miller (@SamMillerBP) and Ben Lindbergh (@Ben_Lindbergh); if you don’t listen, you may want to begin. They’ll give you a daily dose of baseball (even during the off-season). And as long as I’m talking podcast tweeters, make sure to give Jason Parks (@ProfessorParks) a follow,cohost of the now defunct Up & In podcast, the greatest baseball podcast ever to grace the interwebs (except of course for @TalkToContact).

If you still need more humor in your life, check out Matt Sussman (@suss2hyphens) or Grant Brisbee (@mccoveychron) and you’ll get baseball and comedy, a fantastic duo.

Do you want more prospect coverage in your life? For Twins MiLB news there is no one better than Seth Stohs (@SethTweets). You can also check out Jim Callis (@JimCallisBA), Ben Badler (@BenBadler), or John Sickels (@MinorLeagueBall).

I love Twitter, this much is true. I tweet far too often, follow way too many people and I have often tweeted someone in the same room with me. I like Twitter, and Twitter and baseball seem a match made in heaven. Below you will find some of my favorite Twitter people, baseball and otherwise.

Do you love cats? No, do you LOVE cats? @youcancallemeAde loves cats, and bats, but mostly cats. Adriane has been a friend of mine since long before twitter was a thing. We built a tree fort together and made jumps for our bikes. Her cats name is Oreo and she’s a top notch human being.  I suggest you follow.

Amanda (@poniesandpizza) likes posting photos, and I never have any idea what I’m going to find on the other side of her links. If she says her nephew is the cutest thing ever, you might find a picture of her nephew, you might also find a picture of Steven Urkel.

@TCAnelle travels all over the nation and loves baseball as much as I do, maybe even more. She can be relied upon for advice about salted or unsalted butter, dinning advice in Kansas City (and just about everywhere else). She is a great Twitter friend when you’re preparing for a baseball trip of any kind.

Do you often stay up late and wish your Twitter feed had a little more going on after dark?  Give @KirbysLeftEye, @KarleeKanz, or @DisplaedTgrFan a follow and your timeline will keep on moving long after the sun has set.

Do you brew your own beer? @Lokes04 sure does, and he brews his own beer.  I’ve also seen him fight a bear, which was pretty much the highlight of my life.

Hostess may be going bankrupt but the @MnTwinkie remains. The Twinkie will live on long after Hostess is a distant memory, and your timeline will be filled with clever remarks and witty tweets.

I’d also recommend following this week’s @TalkToContact listener of the week: @mntwinsforever. In addition to being a listener of the podcast and a twitter friend, she’s also promised to make beer and cookies appear at my doorstep. I can’t promise she’ll do the same for you, but when beer and cookies are on the line I don’t take any chances.

Some other tweeters that I follow: @gaultcommasarah, @TIME, @BitzyBetsy, @mizzmitten and about 800 other people, most of whom I have never met. Occasionally I am lucky enough to have my Twitter world and my real world collide. Last summer the Joe Mauer Presidential Campaign got together to have some drinks and watch the Twins. It was pretty awesome. I love technology.

The Joe Mauer Presidential Campaign

Of course you should also follow all of the writers here at Pucketts Pond: @birdman77, @longo44, @PMinell and of course @PuckettsPond.

Who are your favorite tweeters? Leave your nominations below.


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