Puckett’s Pond celebrates Thanksgiving


July 3, 2011; Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

At Puckett’s Pond, we know there are many important people and things to be thankful for:  family, friends, health, safety of loved ones serving in our military, and so much more.  As fans of the Minnesota Twins, we also have team-related reasons to be grateful, even after two disappointing seasons.  As we share our reasons for Twins-related gratitude, we wish you and yours a happy & healthy Thanksgiving Day!

-Puckett’s Pond Team


Paul Pleiss, Senior Staff Writer

I’m thankful for baseball, for the hope that young prospects bring (Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, Max Kepler etc), for Joe Mauer and his superhuman ability to avoid making outs and for the smile on Ben Revere’s face as he runs around the field at the speed of light. I’m thankful for baseball players on Twitter that remind you they’re real people just like the rest of us, posting pictures, using “your” instead of “you’re,” waxing on about their favorite movie and talking about how awesome their girlfriend/dog/car/mustache is. I’m thankful for beautiful Target Field and outdoor baseball, especially day games on sunny afternoons. But most of all I’m thankful for the love and respect of my family, for my job as a Coast Guardsman and for the good luck of being born an American. A special thanks to all of you who listen to my brother and I ramble on each week during the Talk to Contact podcast. Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Longoria, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, everyone in the United States is supposed to take the day to give “thanks” for the good things in their lives. Aside from a healthy family, a healthy self, decent job and great friends, I have another item to be thankful for…a Twins related one.

I am thankful for the young talent coming up through the ranks of the minor league system. Instead of only having one or two top prospects that are the often labeled “toolsy” who do not pan out as expected, there are numerous players that are knocking on the door of the major leagues. Offensive powerhouses such as Miguel Sano and Oswaldo Arcia; 4 and 5-tool players like Byron Buxton and Aaron Hicks; good, young pitching prospects with strikeout “stuff” in Kyle Gibson and Jose Berrios; an excellent “does it all” kind of guy in Eddie Rosario; a catcher who could develop into Joe Mauer’s replacement when Mauer moves to another position in Chris Herrmann; and even a bonafide “masher” which is Travis Harrison. All of these players have above average to extremely high ceilings. Do not forget all of the other top 20 prospects the Twins have in their arsenal, these are simply the top dogs in my eyes.

This crop of young, talented players is enough to make a Twins fan salivate for what these guys could bring to their favorite team in the future. Hopefully in the next couple years the Twins can acquire some extra help in the pitching department, as far as top prospects are concerned. But nevertheless, offense wins games too, and if these players can live up to expectations then let’s just hope they can outscore anyone they are up against.

Happy Thanksgiving fans and followers,


Mike Longoria

Brad Swanson, Staff Writer

I am thankful for the promise that the off-season brings. Once the playoffs end, all teams have the same record for the next year. With all the records resetting, it is very easy to begin to feel excited about an upcoming year, regardless of how the previous year ended. It would be very easy to dwell on the fact that the Twins can’t stop losing 90 plus games, or I can look to what this off-season can bring. Maybe the Twins will make a big splash in free agency! Maybe the Twins will make a big trade! Regardless of what ultimately happens in the off-season, the promise of what could happen is exciting enough to get me through the winter. The possibilities are endless, and that is what makes the off-season so much fun.

Paula Minell, Editor

I’m grateful for the games I’ve been able to attend with my godson over the last few years.  It takes something really spectacular to make even the best 11-year-old boy want to hang out with a person as old as the Dome!  Oh, and thanks, Ben Revere for waving at my godson and making his day!

This year, I’m also grateful Ron Gardenhire and Rick Anderson are still on the coaching staff.  While many people would have liked to have seen either or both of them cut, I still contend they aren’t the problem.  The general lack of legitimate starting pitchers was the problem, and Gardy and Andy don’t get to make the roster.  I’m thankful Francisco Liriano and Danny Valencia were traded, Alexi Casilla is off the roster, and Joe Mauer has a no-trade clause.  And Target Field, well, I have a long list there.  After whining about no retractable roof for a baseball field in Minnesota, one visit changed my mind and Target Field has been my favorite place for three years.  Oh, and I’m thankful they serve Angie’s Kettle Corn, Kramarczuk’s, and HoneyWeiss.