Ben Revere, the Energizer Bunny of the Minnesota Tw..."/> Ben Revere, the Energizer Bunny of the Minnesota Tw..."/>

Revere nominated for 2nd GIBBY: Vote now!


Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Ben Revere, the Energizer Bunny of the Minnesota Twins outfield, has once again been nominated for one of MLB’s GIBBY (Greatness in Baseball Yearly) Awards.  Revere was named 2011’s GIBBY Play winner for this catch.  Between that catch and the somersault triple that got him an Oddity nomination last year, Revere couldn’t fly under the MLB radar this year.

(Incidentally, Revere’s winning catch last year is one of my most painful baseball memories.  I was at Target Field that night with my brother, and we were second deck in left center, one of about two sections in the entire field that couldn’t see the catch.  Our entire section sighed in disappointment, thinking it was a home run, and all of us were completely befuddled when the ballpark erupted in excitement.  When they showed the highlight, I turned to my brother and said, “We were at the game with the best catch of the season, and we didn’t even get to see it!”  Turns out, I called that GIBBY.)

For 2012, Revere is nominated for the Must C Play highlight.  The catch that earned him the nomination brought back memories of the Say Hey Kid:

Revere has stiff competition, as there were some bona fide “Must C” plays this year.  You can find all of them at the GIBBY site.  Voting is open until December 2, and there are no voting limits.  So vote early, vote often, and help Revere add another GIBBY to his trophy collection.  Winners will be announced on December 4 during the Winter Meetings.

Whether you want to support your home team, have been tracking the best plays all year, or just need an offseason baseball fix, watch the highlights and VOTE FOR BEN!