Twins make moves, but continue with minor success


Charles LeClaire-USPRESSWIRE

The MLB General Manager meetings have come and gone.  At this point, all the Minnesota Twins seem to have to show for it are two minor moves, signing both Tim Wood and Eric Fryer to minor league deals.

Wood is a RHP, whose deal includes a Spring Training invitation.  He last played in the Pittsburg Pirates organization, playing only 13 games with the Pirates’ MLB team in 2012.  He posted an ERA of 5.63 with 5 hits, 5 ER, and 8 IP with the Pirates.  Apparently, Wood thought he had a better chance to make a major league team with the Twins than with the other teams who made him an offer.  As a fan, I find that concerning, as it appears our talent threshold is lower than other teams’ standards.

Catcher Eric Fryer also played with the Pirates last season.  While playing only a handful (6) of major league games in 2012, it’s possible that the Twins think he is the answer to their Catcher Conundrum.  Or maybe he’s a catcher that can fill a minor league spot at an inexpensive rate.

At this point, these two signings seem like so much filler on the minor league roster.  Instead, the biggest question remaining for Terry Ryan is:  When will the Twins make a respectable offer on a legitimate starting pitcher?

While there is definitely time, and the Hot Stove League is just kicking off to an intriguing start, it wouldn’t hurt for the Twins to make a move at this week’s owner’s meetings (Nov 14-15) and work toward getting an ace starter (or acknowledged #2 or #3 starter) on the 2013 roster.