Midday Memories: Twins 1991 World Series Game 1 Remembered


The 1991 World Series was named the #1 Fall Classic of all time by ESPN.  Relive the memories this postseason by celebrating the anniversary of the ’91 World Series games.

On October 19, 1991, two Cinderella teams met at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to begin Game 1 of the 1991 World Series.  The visiting Atlanta Braves had gone 65-97 the previous year, and the home Minnesota Twins 74-88.  Both teams ended the 1990 season at the bottom of their divisions, surprising the baseball world by ending the 1991 season with 94-68 (Braves) and 95-67 (Twins) records.

It was the American League’s turn to begin the World Series at home, and between the fans and the Dome, it was almost as if there was a tenth player on the field.  Fans waved the infamous Homer Hankies, and their roar inside the confines of the stadium deafened the visiting team.  Opponents also feared a high fly ball they could lose in the tarp ceiling.

The Twins entered the game strong, coming in with the best home record in the American League, and the best home batting average in all of baseball.  With their lineup, it wasn’t surprising, and it doesn’t get better than reminiscing over that lineup with the voice of Bob Casey.  The video link also features Gladys Knight leading the National Anthem, more than worth the time spent to watch in honor of our country.

And so the best World Series of All Time began.  Like the current Twins, the ’91 team had a Hometown Hero on both the pitching and the position player staff.  Jack Morris, who only played for his hometown Twins during that fateful 1991 season, started the game.  He went seven innings, striking out three, walking four, and allowing two earned runs.  The 1991 Rookie of the Year, Chuck Knoblauch, singled in Dan Gladden for the first run of the game.  The Twins never lost the lead after that, as third baseman Greg Gagne added a three-run home run and Hometown Hero Kent Hrbek launched an upper deck two-run bomb.

The Twins went on to win the first game of the World Series with a decisive 5-2 victory and setting the stage for Game 2 of this historic World Series.

Check back at lunchtime on Saturday for a Game 2 recap, where a pair of home runs help the Twins edge the Braves.