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Scott Diamond currently the only starter penciled into 2013 rotation by Phil Mackey /

The Twins need an almost entirely new rotation in 2013:  News to no one

Ron Gardenhire confirmed on 1500 ESPN this week that Scott Diamond is the only Twins pitcher who can head to Fort Myers this spring with the reasonable expectation of a job as a starter.  While anyone following Twins baseball this year should have recognized this, fans can take solace in the fact that decision makers in the organization recognize the gaping holes on the roster.

Jack Kralick:  1935-2012 by Joe Christiansen /

Twins remember first pitcher to throw a no-no for the franchise

On August 26, 1962, Jack Kralick threw the first no-hitter in Minnesota Twins history, facing only 28 batters in the 1-0 win against the Kansas City Athletics.  In fact, he took a perfect game into the ninth:

WAR Games:  Should They Stay or Should they Go? by Mike Longoria /

If sabermetricians have their way, what will the Twins’ 2013 roster look like?

One stat championed by sabermetricians is WAR (Wins Above Replacement).  Longoria analyzes the role of WAR in making decisions about the future of the Twins roster.  He suggests how this could influence player changes, particularly for the Twins pitching staff, citing players that should be cut and players that should be signed.

Casilla ruled at fault for collision confusion by Anthony Odoardi /

I mean really, why would the umpires make a call in the Twins’ favor?

Alexi Casilla was called out on a controversial play involving Tigers’ Jhonny Peralta.  Casilla was standing on second base and was knocked off by the Tigers’ shortstop as he attempted to catch a pop-fly.  Right or wrong, Casilla was called out.  What’s your verdict?


Melky Cabrera disqualified from NL batting title by Ronald Blum / AP Sports Writer

The MLB heaves a sigh of relief

The moment Melky Cabrera was disqualified for a positive testosterone test, the chatter started about how the MLB should handle Cabrera’s probable finish at the top of the NL batting average race.  The point became moot this week when Cabrera asked to be disqualified from the race.  The only debate left is whether the move shows class or a shrewd attempt at getting a job next year.

MVP Numbers:  old school (Miguel Caberera [sic]) vs. new age (Mike Trout) by John Shipley /

Can stellar defense beat a Triple Crown?

Mike Trout is playing out of his mind in the outfield, with a WAR above 10.  Miguel Cabrera may earn the first Triple Crown since 1967.  Which statistic carries more weight in an MVP decision?  Is this an argument between offense and defense?  Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire weight in on the debate.

‘Pirates’ ‘Hells Angels,’ ‘Navy SEALs’ minor league training methods become MLB joke by Jeff Passon / Yahoo! Sports

Because “HOKA HEY!  It’s a good day to die!!!” sounds like a baseball chant

Pittsburgh Pirates’ assistant GM Kyle Stark instituted a militaristic minor league training program in the hopes of being cutting edge.  Instead, Stark’s program has led to injuries, nausea, and distrust from his players and has bewildered MLB brass from around the country.