Twins Weekly Web Wrap: Essential online updates of the Minnesota Twins and MLB


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Twins Weekly Web Wrap is a digest of essential Minnesota Twins and MLB links for the savvy fan.


Parmelee, Twins go batty in 18-9 rout of White Sox by The Associated Press
Yes, you read that score correctly.
After enduring the Lost Season of 2011, the Dismal Season of 2012 limps to a close.  The Minnesota Twins give their fans an entertaining game that exasperated the pennant-chasing White Sox.  Proving they know how to swing a bat, the Twins chalk up 17 hits.  The Associated Press gives a good summary, although this Tweet best explains the fantastic absurdity of the September 4th game:

— MLB (@MLB) September 5, 2012

Twins sending odd message by snubbing Anthony Slama  by Phil Mackey of
Forget about scholarships in 2012.  Anthony Slama can’t earn a nod.
The collective mind of the Minnesota Twins fanbase has made a list of names that should have received a September call to the Bigs.  Phil Mackey of contends that Anthony Slama is at the top of that unfortunate list.  Mackey explains that Slama’s track record, age, and ability to strike a man out make him an ideal candidate that was snubbed in 2012.  To close the article, Mackey juxtaposes Jeff Gray‘s disastrous five month stint with the Twins against Slama’s stellar minor league season.

Led by Sano, Twins improve on Top 100 Prospects list by Rhett Bollinger /
Are you a 2012 Twins fan in need of some hope?
Each year, ranks the farm systems for the 30 major league clubs.  The Minnesota Twins moved from the 23rd spot in 2011 to the 14th best ranking in 2012.  The Twins have four players on the top 100 overall list, with Miguel Sano as the highest ranking player from the Twins organization coming in at #21 on the list.  In total, the Twins had four players on the top 100.  Rhett Bollinger gives a short overview of these four, plus a rundown of the top 20 prospects in the Twins farm system.

Thursday (The Mauer vs. Puckett comparison) edition:  Wha’ Happened? by Michael Rand
When it comes to Twins history, can Joe Mauer hold a candle to the legendary Kirby Puckett?
Joe Mauer is alternatively booed and praised by his hometown fans.  Kirby Puckett is fondly remembered as an untouchable hero.  In this eyebrow-raising article, Michael Rand makes an interesting statistical comparison between the two Minnesota Twins greats.  So what’s you’re assessment:  numbers don’t lie, or numbers aren’t the whole story?


Nationals:  Stephen Strasburg’s last start scheduled for Sept 12 by
Love it or hate it, it’s official.
The Washington Nationals announce an end date to starter Stephen Strasburg‘s 2012 season.  The controversial move has been fodder for a season-long debate about the team’s plan for protecting the longevity of Strasburg’s arm.  With a playoff berth all but guaranteed, the Nationals go into the off-season without their pitching phenom.

McCarthy resting, ‘alert’ after surgery on head by Jane Lee /
Scary moment leads to season ending surgery.
Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy is recovering after taking an Erick Aybar line drive to the head.  The video of the incident is embedded into Jane Lee’s article.  More descriptive than the hit is the absolute stunned silence of the TV announcers and the crowd as training staff attend to McCarthy.  A speedy and safe recovery is wished for McCarthy, as this likely means the end of his season.

Orioles Use Six Longballs to Beat Yankees, AL East Tied Again by John J. Parent
If you expected this season from the Baltimore Orioles, I hope you bought a lottery ticket.
Every good Minnesota Twins fan loves to hate the New York Yankees.  And when you can watch from the basement of the AL while the Baltimore Orioles hit six dingers against the Brooklyn Bombers and tie up the lead for the AL East, you might just squeal with delight.  The Orioles jump from their spot as the 2011 AL East worst team to a tie for the 2012 AL East top spot and are an undeniable playoff contender.  Twins fans hope this will inspire the Twins to greater expectations in 2013.


Minnesota Twins’ Jamey Carroll marks 10th anniversary with rare homer by John Shipley /
Congrats to Minnesota Twins’ utility infielder Jamey Carroll for punctuating a milestone game with his first home run in more than two years.  Watch the 38-year-old veteran circle the bases, courtesy of