The Brian Dozier Experiment


Brian Dozier went down to AAA on the 15th in hopes that Tom Brunansky the AAA hitting coach (along with Riccardo Ingram) could work some magic and help Doz the way he helped Chris Parmelee who is KILLING it in Rochester this season (.341/.460/.659, that’s an OPS of 1.119!). Dozier, since the demotion, is 3-31 (.097/.097/.194, and he’s yet to talk a walk). Now he’s only been down there for 8 games, but that’s not what anyone in Twins Territory was hoping for.

Parmelee has been destroying AAA pitching this season, and if there was a spot for him to get regular playing time with the Twins he would assuridly be up with the big league club. Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer are sharing the duties at first, with Mauer and Ryan Doumit behind the plate and all three of them plus Josh Willingham sharing the DH duties there is just NO ROOM for CP up in Minnesota.  Parmelee struggled mightily early in the season for the Twins (.194/.278/.320 in 38 games in the first half), but Brunansky and Ingraam worked their magic on him. Can they do the same with Dozier?

Dozier’s defense has not been great this season, his range has good (in the top 3 in the AL in range factor/game) and he’s only committed 6 fielding errors…but he’s also committed 9 throwing errors. For a guy who already has a somewhat suspect arm for a short stop, when he gets to the balls in the holes, the Twins need to see him make good throws. A total zone rating of -6 is not something the Twins can afford from their everyday SS. I think Dozier’s arm is good enough for him to stay at shortstop, and from what I’ve seen this year his range and defense are not the problem, but his problem at the plate leaves something to be desired.

Dozier has struggled to take walks this year, something he has shown ability to do in the minors (.350+ OBP the last 3 seasons in the minors). This year with the Twins Dozier has 58 K’s to go with only 16 walks, that’s not very good. I fully expect to see Brian back with the Twins after the Rochester season ends, and to be in the mix next season when the Twins report to Ft Myers for spring training, but he will need to get his bat going if he wants to be the Twins everyday shortstop again in 2013.