The Little Things


As some of the Puckett’s Pond readers know, I spent the last six weeks traveling from Miami to Seattle to start a new job on the West Coast.  Well, I am happy to say that I have finally arrived and gotten settled into my new life.  And after some issues with Comcast I have internet connection at my house, so no more trips down to Starbucks to steal the free internet.

Over the weekend I had the good fortune to get a chance to see the Minnesota Twins take on the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field.  I got off work Friday afternoon and headed the two blocks over to the stadium and got myself the best ticket available, 10 rows up behind home plate. Great seats, and a very nice stadium.  As has been the custom during my road trip in which I visited 15 different stadiums throughout the custom, I got to the stadium early and began my adventure with a lap around the stadium to take in all the sites.

Safeco is beautiful.  The sight lines are great, and from my vantage point 10 rows behind the stadium I was able to see everything.  I watched Ron Gardenhire throw batting practice and Justin Morneau greet family members before the game.   It was a great experience, but what turned out to be the most pleasant surprise of the game was the fans sitting directly in front of me.

While watching the Twins take BP, three female Twins fans showed up and sat in front of me, Twins fans to talk to, hooray!  Throughout the course of the game as I chatted with these women about the Twins, Minnesota and some other things, I came to learn that they were teachers and from the area where I grew up.  I mentioned my third grade teacher, Mrs. Goldstein, and one of the ladies exclaimed “You know Caroline?”

I don’t know how well you “know” your third grade teacher, but yes I knew her.  What a small, small world.  I came to know that she had recently beaten breast cancer, so three cheers for Mrs. G!

The Twins, who fell behind early thanks to another “stellar” performance from Nick Blackburn, were unable to eek out a victory, but thanks in large part to the three teachers who sat in section 132, row 9, seats 12-14, I had a really great time.  Twins fans really are the best.