The Best of Joe Mauer Tweets


Earlier this week, Danny Valencia made a comment on Twitter that he was trying to get Joe Mauer to start using it. Clever Twins fans took to their keyboards and crafted tweets that they think Mauer would write using the hashtag Joe Mauer Tweets. Check out some of the best Joe Mauer Tweets after the jump.

From Seth Kaplan (@Seth_Kaplan)
“I really don’t use Head & Shoulders, eat Kemps ice cream or like Anytime Fitness. Sorry, I’m just an honest guy.”

From Randball (@RandBall)
“I was asked to name my favorite soup, but there are so many. I worry about leaving one out. Wouldn’t be fair to that soup.”

From Jon Marthaler (@jmarthaler)
“I don’t care what anyone else says: Mandarin oranges are too fancy for Jello.

From Allison (@allimac09)
“Mom says I’ll always be her MVP.”

From Andrew Bryz-Gornia (@Bryz_OffTheMark)
“I’ll be honest. Calling it bilateral leg weakness was Slowey’s idea. He wanted something people probably wouldn’t get.”

From Our Own Paul Pleiss (@BaseballPirate)
“I went to the Black Hills last summer during the All-Star Break, pretty neat you guys.”

From Humann (@Humann_Touch)
“Gonna be so late to BP you guys, stuck on Cleveland Ave letting a family of geese cross the road. #socute”

From Grady Thomas Stack (@gradystack)
“Drove 60 on I35-W this morning on the way to work. #rebel”

From Scott Hillesheim (@SkywalkerScotty)
“Mom said I can enjoy this nice day we’re having after I answer a few more fan letters.”

From Amanda Rykoff (@amandarykoff)
“Guess I’ll go rescue the kitten out of the tree. Again.”

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