Baseball and Twitter: Friday Follows (#FF)


Another week has come and gone, where did the time go? Could it only have been a week ago that we were all recovering from our food comas and beginning to run around like crazy people trying to find the best deal available at ridiculous hours of the morning? The Thanksgiving leftovers are as good as gone so I now leave you with some baseball themed Friday Follows to fill your belly and your brain.

Let’s kick things off with @kanzkarlee, Karlee writes for the OMG Twins Blog, which she openly admits is “a silly blog by a silly girl,” but don’t let that scare you off from either following her on Twitter or reading her blog.  She’s witty and funny and she loves space.  While you and I might be trying to arrange a trip down to Ft Myers this spring to watch our beloved Twins in spring training, Karlee is headed elsewhere “Duuuuude, I’m going to Kepler 10b for spring break.”  I didn’t even know what Kepler 10b existed until she tweeted it.

Blaine (@blaineblontz) has been writing over at Fansided’s Call to the Pen since April of this year and between his tweets and his blog posts, I’m usually able to keep myself fairly well up to date on what’s going on in MLB.

I’m sure you have all heard of Brian Duensing, but did you know he was on Twitter?(@BrianDuensing52) While many people from the Twins Blog-o-Sphere have speculated that they think Duensing is better suited for the bull pen, I’m not going to mess with a man with a gun.  “Long road trip tonight. Just got to ewing Illinois for a four day muzzleloader hunt. Scouting tomorrow first.”  Give him a follow and find out if he lands the monster he’s out looking for.

@gaultcommasarah loves Kevin Slowey and hipsters in general.  She is secretly hoping that @str8edgeracer C. J. Wilson joins the Twins so she’ll have another one of those “too cool for school” types to make goggly eyes at.  I wouldn’t mind finding C. J. in Minnesota if we could find a way to sign him for less than the Marlins signed Heath Bell, but I don’t see that happening.  Sarah’s best tweet from the last week “I love Slowey (obvs, #MrsSlowey4eva) but I have my doubts that he’ll all of a sudden be willing to pitch out of the bullpen. *sigh*”

My brother Eric (@ERolfPleiss) got me onto this next one, @MLBFakeRumors.  Lots of hilarious misinformation.  Before last night’s Heath Bell signing, Fake Rumors tweeted “Marlins reportedly in the running for Heath Bell. Sources tell us said run is more of a jog or fast paced walk though, given Bell’s paunch.”

Although it’s the offseason so you probably wont see much from @TwinsHistory otherwise you’ll miss hidden gems like this “Nick Blackburn reached 8 IBB allowed in a @MinnesotaTwins uniform Thu, passing Tom Burgmeier for 66th in #Twins history”

Do you love boobs?  Do you love Minnesota?  Do you love sports?  Maybe @BigBoobsNatasha is for you.  She’s a self proclaimed MN sports boob. “My favorite part about #unfollowNBA is that I don’t even have to do anything. #dicks

Last but not least, if you’re not following the Twins’ most recent HOF member @CircleMeBertHOF then you’re definitely missing out on some great stuff.  Easily my favorite tweet of the week “OK. I need help here please. What does RT mean? Please don’t laugh at me!”

Take care Pond dwellers, and don’t forget to follow the rest of the writers here on the Pond as well  @PuckettsPond@NorthpawNate@ERolfPleiss, and @christianengels.