Jason Kubel Finds a Home


If you Google “Jason Kubel” there are 538,000 results.  What do those results mean, and how can they help to predict Jason Kubel’s eventual free agent destination?  I have no idea.  Learning a little bit about Kubel’s past might help predict his future, so dive right in.

What I can tell you, from his Baseball-Reference page, is that his middle name is James.  (His initials are JJK, which makes me hope that he is a supreme jokester and prank master in the club house, because his initials are the hybridization of Just Joking and Just Kidding.)

Jason Kubel’s Wikipedia page splits his life into five distinct areas: Early life, Minor leagues, Metrodome years, 2010 season, and 2011 Campaign.  A quick glance at each area will tell you that he was born in South Dakota, missed the entire 2005 season due to a knee injury, hit for the cycle in 2009, platooned with Michael Cuddyer in 2010 (???), and wasn’t traded in 2011.

Something interesting to note here is that Jason Kubel has done a lot of moving in his life.  Sometime after his birth in his native South Dakota, Kubel moved to California.  After he was drafted by the Twins in the 2000 amateur player draft (12th round, Twins), he played in the Gulf Coast League, the Midwest League, the Florida State League, the Eastern League, the International League, and finally, the Major Leagues.  That means that over the course of his 29 years, Jason Kubel has moved at least 8 different times.  Simple math will tell you that he averages one move every 3.6 years, or so, and by those estimates his time in Minnesota is clearly PAST DUE!

If I had to guess I think Kubel goes to an American League team in need of a left handed power hitter that can DH and occasionally occupy a corner outfield spot (#OccupyCOS, for you Twitter types).  I think that team is the Baltimore Orioles.  Take it or leave it.

Like a library book, Jason Kubel has CHECKED OUT of Minnesota.


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