Breakfast with Fansided


Good morning! There has been a wealth of interesting material on some of our sister sites in the Fansided network. If you’re looking for something to read while you finish your oatmeal and this morning (or the bite size Snicker bars you stole from your kids last night), might I suggest some of the following?

At Seedlings to Stars, former Puckett’s Pond writer Wally Fish has a complete dissection of Kyle Waldrop’s pitching style. He compares Waldrop to Matt Guerrier, a pitcher who I used to find frustrating, but would love to have back after the 2011 bullpen debacle. Seedlings to Stars is fast becoming my favorite source for minor league information, along with the always insightful Twins-focused writing of Seth Stohs.

Over at Call to the Pen, they’re combing through the big name free agents one by one. If you are the type of person who dreams big, maybe you think the Twins have a shot at C.J. Wilson. If so, be sure to read their profile of him. Even if you live in Dreamland, you still probably know the Twins won’t go after Albert Pujols. Still, their article about him is interesting.

Some of those free agency discussions are hitting a little too close to home. Our friends at Southside Showdown (Fansided’s White Sox site) have their eyes on a certain Twins free agent outfielder.

Tomahawk Take, Fansided’s Braves site, wrote a tribute to Tony LaRussa. Senior Staff Writer Fred Owens calls LaRussa’s retirement “a defining moment” in his life. I wouldn’t go that far personally, but LaRussa has been a manager as long as I’ve been a baseball fan. He won more rings with the Cardinals, but I’ll always think of him as the manager of the Evil Athletics back when the A’s and Twins were taking turns dominating the American League (1987-1992).

Finally, over at The Viking Age, they’re justifiably excited about the new QB.