Help Wanted!


Have you ever read one of my articles on this site and thought, “hey! I could write better than that?”

Good news! This is your chance to prove it.

Just as the Twins are looking for new talent on the diamond, Puckett’s Pond could use a few new writers to help us churn out interesting articles for our readers. If the following descriptions apply to you, you might be Puckett’s Pond material:

  • You are a dedicated Twins fan (and I’m sure you are if you’re still following the team after that dreadful season).
  • You know a fair amount about baseball and are eager to share your thoughts and opinions with others.
  • You can spell.

If you think you fit that description, please write a quick sample article and fill out Fansided’s online application. Or just send me an e-mail at The sample article doesn’t have to be too long (500 words or so would be okay), but it should be a well thought out example of what you can do. It can be about any topic related to the Minnesota Twins. For example, you may write about a favorite player’s career, you may reminisce about watching the team as a kid, or you may have a plan for how to rebuild this struggling team. If you have an idea, I want to read about it!

No writing experience is required. If we like your writing, we’ll bring you on board. We’d like to find several people who can write at least one article per week (it may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t that big of a time commitment).

What’s in it for you? Well, to be honest, the job doesn’t pay very well. In fact, the pay is zero. But you do get the satisfaction of knowing that thousands of people will read what you write. You’ll also gain an interesting hobby that will impress/annoy your friends. If I still haven’t sold you, or if you still have questions, shoot an e-mail to the gmail address above.

So why wait? Sign up today! The future of the Twins may depend on you.