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Fansided Names Pitchers of the Year at Call to the Pen


Congratulations to Fansided’s AL Pitcher of the Year, Justin Verlander and the NL Pitcher of the Year, Clayton Kershaw. Read all about Verlander’s glorious accomplishment at Call to the Pen. While you’re there, check out the writeup about Kershaw, too.

In case you haven’t been following this site over the last few weeks (how dare you?), Fansided’s MLB writers have voted for all of the postseason awards, and we are releasing the results this month. Like the folks at the Baseball Writer’s Association of America, we’ve picked a Manager of theYear, a Top Rookie, a Top Reliever as well (links to all of those results are at the bottom of the Pitcher of the Year award pages). We’ll pick a Player of the Year later this week. Unlike the BBWAA, we’re not making you wait two months before we reveal the winners. So really, BBWAA is copying us, not the other way around!

Since Puckett’s Pond is an AL site, I voted for AL pitchers. Like my colleagues, I picked Verlander as the obvious #1 choice. Felix Hernandez proved last year that win totals aren’t enough to win an award, but Verlander’s 24 wins was still an incredible accomplishment in this day and age. His 250 strikeouts and 2.40 ERA showed that he didn’t win those games by luck, either. And he was a workhorse, turning in 251 quality innings as he led the Tigers to an ALCS appearance. Along the way, he tossed a no-hitter against Toronto. All in all, Verlander was a very easy choice.

Each person voted for five pitchers for this award, following the tradition set by the BBWAA last year. My second place vote went to Jered Weaver, who turned in a fine season with an 18-8 record and a 2.41 ERA. Vote #3 went to Yankee Ace C.C. Sabathia. The bulky lefty won 19 games to go along with a 3.00 ERa. James Shields was fourth place on my ballot thanks to his 225 strikeouts and 2.82 ERA. His 2.49 innings pitched put him right up there with Verlander, but he didn’t quite dominate like the Tiger did. Finally, my fifth place vote went to future free agent C.J. Wilson of Texas. His 16-7 record and 2.94 ERA will ensure him plenty of money this fall.

Aside from Wilson, who finished sixth in the Fansided overall voting, the Fansided choices were the same.

I would have loved to be able to vote for a Twin somewhere on this list, but that would have been utterly ridiculous. We only voted for five pitchers each, but if we’d had 20 votes, I still don’t think that any Twins hurlers would’ve had a chance. Maybe next year.