The End Is Nigh


On Wednesday the Twins will wrap up their 2011 season.  There was a point in this miserable season when I looked forward to the end of the Twins season and the beginning of my Vikings devotion… however, after a legendarily awful 0-3 start for my beloved vikings, I’m dreading the end of the baseball season with everything that is in me.

Taking some advice from our lead writer Nate, I’ve decided to cheer for the Texas Rangers and their pursuit of a world series victory.  (secretly I’d like to cheer for the Phillies, but I just can’t bring myself to do that, I just… cant).  Cheering for the Rangers will give me a chance to hang on to baseball for as long as possible.  Hell, I’m willing to do just about anything short of cheering for Boston or New York, I’d even cheer for the (gulp) Tigers if that meant I’d have a few more games to live in baseball euphoria.

The end of a 100 loss season (I know, we haven’t lost 100 yet, and 100 is just a number) is quickly approaching and there are actually some good things to look forward to.  I’ve compiled a top ten list of things I’m looking forward to this off-season, in no particular order:

1. The Twins will not lose a game for the next 5 months+

2. Prospects, prospects, prospects. Prospects are without blemish and full of potential during the off-season.  We can wish for the stars and there are no harsh realities to bring us back down (except for maybe the reality of Kyle Gibson’s Tommy John surgery).

3. A trip to Fort Myers with  my brother next spring.

4. More episodes of Sons of Anarchy, and Boardwalk Empire.

5. Free time to spend laying out at the beach in South Florida.

6. Spending late nights in South Beach picking up hotties instead of screaming at the TV watching the Twins implode!

7. The longest error-less streak of the year for both Ploufeeeeeeeeeee and Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshi.

8. Assphinctersayswhat? What? Exactly.

9. Seth Stohs prospect handbook.

10. Another chance at a World Series.

I’ve been gone awhile from the Pond, out to sea for my real job with the US Coast Guard.  But I’ll be back for awhile before heading back out to the ocean to protect our homeland.  The Twins might be DONE in 2011, but the future remains bright… at least we have to keep believing, right?