Should You Root for the Atlanta Braves?


As we make peace with the fact that the Twins are not in the playoffs, it’s time to find another team to root for. Previously, we took a look at the Arizona Diamondbacks. Next up: the Atlanta Braves.

If you are thinking of following hte Braves this season, take some time to browse Fansided’s Braves site, Tomahawk Take.

Why should you root for the Braves?

The Braves have been around for a LONG time. The franchise can trace its roots all the way back to the Cincinnati Red Stockings – the first professional baseball team that ever existed. Officially established in Boston in 1871, the Braves are the only franchise to win a World Series in three different cities: Boston (1914), Milwaukee (1957), and Atlanta (1995). This is the franchise of Hank Aaron and Warren Spahn, of Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Tom Glavine, and also of Rabbit Maranville and Kid Nichols.

This team is one of the most successful of the modern era. They famously made the playoffs every single year from 1991 through 2005, including four World Series appearances (1991, 1995, 1998, and 1999). But those three titles in three different cities? Those are the only three that the Braves have ever won.  This franchise has endured more than their share of suffering over the years, and they have definitely paid their dues.

If you root for a team based on its star players, look no further than Chipper Jones. The 18 year veteran talked about retiring last season, but after a devastating ACL injury, he came back for another shot. The 39 year old has definitely not reached Brett Favre-level with his retirement talk, so he’s still a favorite among fans and the media. For his career, he has 2,610 hits, 453 homers, and a .305 batting average. His first World Series ring came in his rookie year, so another title would be the perfect bookend to a Hall of Fame career.

Why shouldn’t you root for the Braves?

Well, it’s possible you’re still excited about the 1991 Series. Sure, it was an epic contest made better by the Braves’ tenacious play. And sure, the Twins won in the end, which makes it kind of mean-spirited to still hate the Braves. But if you’re like me, you got pretty riled up at times, and some of that anti-Braves sentiment might have lingered. If you’re the type of person who believes that Ron Gant falsely accused Kent Hrbek, you probably won’t have any love for the Braves after all these years.

Or you might just think that the Tomahawk Chop is extremely annoying. I can’t blame you for that.

We’ll continue this series tomorrow with the next team on the list, the Boston Red Sox.