Puckett’s Pond – Writers Needed


The 2011 season is (mercifully) winding down for our Minnesota Twins, but the coverage here on Puckett’s Pond – and on FanSided’s other MLB sites – will carry on throughout the year. As things shift from the regular season to the postseason and then onto the Hot Stove season, we are in need of some talented writers to help us provide that coverage.

We still are in need of a new primary voice on this site, a role that has been vacant since I stepped down from the post in mid-May, but we also need to retool our ranks of staff writers.

My administrative duties for the network continue to occupy more and more of my free time and as a result I will be unable to continue on in a formal role with this site and Kings of Kauffman. I remain a writer at heart so in the event you are a fan of my work, or if you enjoy reading about the minor leagues and prospects, I will still maintain a regular presence over on Seedlings to Stars. Since I have admin rights to all our MLB sites, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that I will drop in from time to time to publish a “bonus” article.

Due to a lack of time, Adam Krueger is also leaving the Puckett’s Pond staff.

So if you love the Twins and love to write, you just might be able to find a home here on The Pond either as an Editor or as a Staff Writer.

Make no mistake, the position of Editor is a significant time commitment but it can be very rewarding if you love to write and love baseball. The role requires no fewer than 30 published articles per month and well as some behind the scenes work with in FanSided’s MLB team. For all the hard work put in, our Editors/Lead Writers are eligible to receive monthly revenue sharing payments (think pizza and beer money) as well as some other perks that come along from time to time.

If you are looking to take on a smaller role, then the position of Staff Writer might be for you. This position requires you to publish “only” 1 article per week (4/month) but you are welcome to write and publish more if you want. It’s a good way to get your foot in the door, see what FanSided is all about and make some friends/contacts along the way while writing about a team and a subject that you enjoy.

As an organization we prefer to promote from within so if you decide to take on a larger role down the road, a step up to an Editor position on one of our sites could certainly be in the cards.

If you are interested, please take a moment to fill out our newly revamped online writer application.