The Links that Never Were


Well that certainly was a disappointing weekend.  After failing to pick up a series win in Texas, netting just a tie after dropping the finale, the Twins headed to Oakland.  Twins fans were hoping to pick up at least a pair of wins against a struggling Oakland team.  Unfortunately, after taking the series opener, the Twins starting pitching went south and Blackburn and Carl Pavano both turned in inadequate pitching performances and the Twins will spend their off day sulking before heading south along Interstate 5 to take on the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim.

I spent the weekend out of town, so not only did I miss the exciting series in Oakland, but I didn’t get the Friday Links up.  Here they are, with slight delay.

Baseball Prospectus gives us another take, this one from the future (or maybe the past, or something), on baseball replay after the 19 inning marathon between the Pirates and the Braves was ended on, what seems at first glance to be, a blown call.

Bill, over at the Platoon Advantage, weighs in on replay as well, and shares some interesting factoids about Instant Replay in baseball.

Can the Twins score two runs at one time.  The Onion investigates

While we’re making light of Ron Gardenhire, let’s keep it going with this take on Ron learning about Comic-Con, from RandBall’s Stu over at TwinkieTown.

I’ve linked over to Flip Flop Fly Ballin’ a couple of times over the past few weeks in the Friday Links.  I usually include a link or two to some of the neat graphs and charts on display over there.  This week Flip Flop Fly Ballin’ check’s out Minnesota’s golden boy, Michael Cuddyer (Check this piece out too, Home Runs in other countries!).

What’s this?  Another smooth transition?  Remember when Michael Cuddyer was 30 days into the MLB season and he had something like a grand total of 9 RBIs?  Well, Cuddyer has turned things around since then, but unfortunately for Jamey Carroll, he hasn’t enjoyed the same success and was Rob Neyer’s stat of the day.

Why do Twins fans love to hate A.J. Pierzynski?  Bill over at The Platoon Advantage investigates this curious mystery and more in Baseball Team’s Blind Spots.

Remember last week?  The sun was shining, the Twins were flirting with being relevant, and Bert Blyleven was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Jet Fan over at Bleacher Report, like many before, doesn’t think Bert belongs.  But it doesn’t matter any more, Bert is in.  Even Rob Neyer sees the light over at Baseball Nation.

The North Dakota Twins Fan has another great entry this week, this time about the growing concerns over Twins’ prospect Kyle Gibson.  Shortly after posting that piece, The NoDak Twins Fan posted this timely follow up.

More neat pictures, this time a journal drawing of Target Field.  Pretty neat stuff, thanks to No Smoking in the Metrodome.

Sports fans of any kind have come to know Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski as one of the great sports writers of our time.  He’s continually funny, smart, and knowledgeable.  And sometimes, sometimes he gives us Idoca.

Peanuts From Heaven spent last weekend writing Thank Yous after a recent wedding.  Then they turned their attention to the Minnesota Twins and gave them a few thank yous of their own.

The MLB trade dealine has now come and gone and the Twins decided that not trading Denard Span was the right thing to do.  David Schoenfield gives us 10 Reason to Love, and 10 Reasons to Hate the MLB trade deadline.  I think I’m leaning more towards hate, especially when my Twitter blows up and I’m led to believe the trade of Denard Span is imminent.

FanGraphs is usually WAY over my head.  I do not always have the patience to wade through pages and pages of baseball stats and super statistical analysis.  That’s why I love NotGraphs so much.  But this week FanGraphs was writing about Minnesota’s Delmon Young, so I braved the statistical waters, and I didn’t drown.

If you really liked swimming through those stats, check out FanGraphs break down of Seattle’s improbable losing streak.

Just in case you’re having trouble treading water, here is something to warm your heart from NotGraphs.

Jerry Crasnick wonders, “Does anyone want the AL Central?” I think after Cleveland gave up half of their minor league system, it is pretty obvious they do.  What about the rest of the gang?

Keith Law (ESPN Insiders Only, sorry) believes that the Indians want the AL Central, turns out, he doesn’t think they should.  Oops.

Beyond the Boxscore looks at the remarkable rise of Toronto’s GM, Alex Anthopoulos.  If you don’t think he’s the next great GM, you’re sadly mistaken.

The WGOM (World’s Greatest Online Magazine) gives us a quick update on the Minnesota Twins and their Minor League Affiliates, Where They Stand.

Remember Kevin Slowey?  The Twins did not think he was starting pitcher material after spring training and attempted to stick him in the bullpen along with another former starter, Glen Perkins.  While Perkins embraced the transition, Slowey fought it, and now finds himself in AAA.  Everyone who is anyone just knew that the Twins were going to trade Slowey at the deadline.  And yet, here he is, still with the organization.  Jesse over at TwinkieTown gives us the run down on why Slowey still has a chance.

Finally, I leave you with some sad news.  The Texas Rangers have banned the wave.  Well, sort of.  Check it out.


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