Today is Independence Day


Today is the birthday of our nation, a day for all of us to sit back and enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.  What better way to spend today than with baseball?  I would add cold beer, a hot grill and good friends to that mix and BOOM! Instant Winning!

Today I’m especially thankful for the veterans and active duty members of our Armed Services that are around the country and around the world standing the watch, away from family and friends.  It is the men and women of our services that allow us to continue to live and enjoy the freedoms we have.

I’ll be taking advantage of my time away from the Coast Guard Cutter Valiant to head to Sun-Life Stadium to watch the Marlins take on the Philies.  While I wish I could be at beautiful Target Field to see the Twins, I’ll be down in the South Florida heat enjoying cold beers and grilled food with my friends and shipmates.

While you’re out enjoying your time, remember those who are out defending our freedom, and if you know or see a veteran, make sure you let them know you appreciate what they have done and continue to do.  MLB will be showing their support by sporting the stars and stripes caps.

Today is not a day to worry about the playoffs, or even about WINNING! Today is a day to celebrate America.  The division race and the Twins scramble to make it back to .500 will still be there tomorrow.  Today enjoy the simple things.  Crack open a beer, fire up the grill and enjoy all of the day baseball that MLB has on the slate for today.

Happy Birthday America.  God Bless.