Oswaldo Arcia Breaks Through


Tonight’s 11-2 loss – and the 8 runs the Royals “scored” in the bottom of the 8th – galvanized my opinion about things. From Rene Tosoni‘s ill advised dive to the moment Justin Morneau squeezed his glove a split second early on Matt Tolbert‘s throw, there can now be no doubt. It’s crystal clear that the 2011 edition of the Minnesota Twins is jinxed.

At least for now …

While I can’t guarantee that this jinx has taken us to rock bottom yet, I can guarantee that at some point this year the Twins will bounce back. The breakthrough certainly hasn’t happened yet at the major league level, but it’s coming.

There was however a different kind of breakthrough this weekend. Oswaldo Arcia became the first member of the Minnesota Twins organization to appear on Baseball America’s Prospect Hot Sheet in 2011. Actually that’s not quite true. Alex Wimmers made the “not so hot sheet” in the April 15th edition but as the section title suggests, it was not due to his success.

No Twins got a mention – good or bad – on April 22nd, so in this case the third time was the charm.

Minnesota may be an AL worst 9-17 on the year but thanks to Arcia – who came in at #4 on the list – at least we have a little Hot Sheet positivity in these dark days. Yes, he’s only 19 and yes, he’s playing for low-A Beloit but it’s something to cling to as we wait for the storm of misfortune to blow by.