A boy and his toys


After tonight’s games every team in the AL Central finds themselves on a streak. Both Minnesota and Detroit spent the weekend “WINNING!” while the White Sox, Indians and Royals have all found ways to lose their last three. What a difference a weekend makes.  The Twins are starting their climb back towards the top of the AL Central standings.

And now it’s time to introduce the readership to my Twins Shrine, which as I am inclined to believe, will be a key ingredient to many late season victories that propel the Twins into the post-season and beyond.

My Shrine

This is my Twins Shrine, I started it back in 2009.  At the time it occupied only a small shelf in my bedroom and contained the 1987 Twins Wheaties Box (still unopened, although far from MINT condition), a signed copy of Puckett’s book and the signed Kirby Puckett poster that I received as a give-away during one of many visits to the dome as a child.  As you can see my shrine has grown.  In addition to pennants from both the 1987 and 1991 World Series (compliments of my Grandmother, God bless her) and a handful of Kirby Puckett baseball cards I got from Domeplus, I also have a foul ball from a Mets-Twins game (compliments of my ex-father-in-law), a rally monkey, a Twins gnome and a bunch of other odds and ends to include a commemorative cup from the dome days, several signed ice cream cup Twins helmets and an assortment of Twins caps new and old.  The Shrine now takes up an entire bookshelf, and has moved from my bedroom to the living room where guests to my South Florida apartment can bask it it’s glory.  New additions to this year’s shrine include a mini-bat acquired during Spring Training this year, and several plush window toys and the most recent edition of Seth Stohs’ Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook.

My brother has a lucky hat and I’ve got a shrine.  Hopefully between the two of us we can find enough luck and voodoo to make 2011 another successful venture for the Twins.  Anyone else out there have any lucky Twins items?