Two New Writers Jump in The Pond


Things have been a whirlwind around Puckett’s Pond lately. First we learned that Erin was leaving FanSided because corporate America felt that if she had time to write then she more time to give to her job. Following on the heels of that sad bit of news, Steve’s educational pursuits and other writing commitments forced him to give something up. While he loves the Minnesota Twins dearly, his role as a Staff Writer on The Pond fell victim to his time crunch.

The same day of Steve’s departure, Adam Krueger made his debut on the site. We were still a staff of three (Adam, Josh and myself) and were still down a writer from where we were at the start of March.

Well, I’m happy to announce the arrival of not one but two new writers to Puckett’s Pond. They are in so many ways a package deal because – among other things – they are brothers. Finally Motor City Bengals can no longer claim* to have the market cornered on blogging brothers. Oh but that’s not all my friends. Our two new writers are not just brothers, they’re twins.

*They have never actually made this claim, but I’m sure they’ve been thinking it.

“The Twins Twins” are none other than Eric and Paul Pleiss, and I am elated to have them join our staff here at Puckett’s Pond. Despite the fact that they are twins, they approach the game from very different perspectives. Eric and Paul will be writing articles both as individuals and as a collaborative duo. Not only to they bring an interesting “hook” to the team, they are also both excellent writers with styles that are unique and entertaining to read.

The following bit of bio information comes from Paul:

"The Twins Twins grew up in South Central Minnesota before heading out across the country. Eric lives in Platteville, Wisconsin where he is part of the Distance Learning Center for UW-Platteville. As for me, Paul, I’m active duty Coast Guard and keep myself busy trying to figure out how to get a handle on the South Florida heat in Miami. As part of a small minority of Twins fans who are honest to God Twins, we couldn’t be happier to call Minnesota home, and the Twins our team. We are excited and optimistic about the upcoming 2011 season and hope that you’ll join us week after week as we throw out our 4 cents (2 cents from each brother) of Twins banter."

Paul and Eric bring our staff count up to 5, but I’m still interested in finding one or (maybe) two more writers to round out our team here on The Pond.

If you are interested, but haven’t had a chance to apply yet, you still have time. (For details on the position(s), just click here) There really is no firm deadline in this search for new talent. I want to make sure I find the right fits for the team and will hold the spot(s) open until I find individuals who I perceive to be ideal fits for our staff and our network.