Puddle Jumping: Hail Minnesota


Puckett’s Pond isn’t the only Minnesota team site on the FanSided.com Sports Network and most people I know are at least casual fans of one – or more sports – beyond baseball. While I obviously eat, sleep and breathe baseball I keep tabs on the NFL as well as college basketball. I also enjoy watching college football, at least during the regular season. Once the bowls and Bunch of Crap System get underway I tune it out completely and wait for next year.

I will freely admit that I have never been a big fan of hockey, in large part due to the fact that ice skating was one skill that evaded my athletic abilities. Watching an NHL game live and in person is an amazing experience however and I still hold out hope that Kansas City will land an NHL team to play in the Sprint Center one of these days.

Once upon a time – as in 20+ years ago when I was a kid – I cared about the NBA to some extent. Those days are mostly long gone and I find the game today to be largely unwatchable.

We all have our own preferences and we all have limited time, but in the event that your sports interests go beyond the Minnesota Twins and baseball, allow me to direct your attention to the other 3 FanSided sites that cover our local teams.

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On Wednesday on TVA, Dan Zinski examined the possibility of Cam Newton falling to the Vikings in the draft. Like Dan, I don’t see any way he falls that far but if he does the team will certainly have a difficult decision to make. I’m not a big believer in Newton’s future under center, but I can see the reasons why others feel differently.

If I could have any QB in this upcoming NFL draft I’d select University of Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. Of course the Vikings have less of a shot at Blaine since he looks to be a lock to go in the top 5, and may even be the 1st player off the board.

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Dunking With Wolves Lead Writer, Matthew Holmquist, is not as optimistic as some T-Wolves fans about the acquisition of Anthony Randolph. While I’m not an NBA fan I do look for the T-Wolves scores from time to time and check in on how they are doing. I was elated when traded for Michael Beasley who played at Kansas State. On the flip side I was enraged when they basically gave away Kansas guard Mario Chalmers for nothing after he was drafted. While there is really no way for the NBA to bring me back as a fan of the league as a whole, it wouldn’t take much for me to start following the Wolves closely again. I don’t even care so much about the record. If they could just assemble a roster I could really get behind I’d be happy. Anthony Randolph doesn’t exactly do it for me, but again I’m far from an expert.

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Ah. The Minnesota Wild. I prefer the NHL to the NBA, but I know more about the T-Wolves than the Wild since the NBA gets a lot more media coverage on national outlets like ESPN. I wish that wasn’t the case, but as it stand the only Wild news I get is when I am listening to KFAN on my computer in the office. If you are a Minnesota Wild fan, Nikki Donovan and Jeremy Glenn are out writers for Gone Puck Wild so be sure to check it out.


If you are University of Minnesota fan, sadly we do not have the Gophers covered just yet. We do have sites established for 7 of the other Big Ten teams however. When the Gophers have a home on our network I promise to give you all a heads up.