A Vote for Arrowhead Addict is a Vote for Puckett’s Pond


If you are a fan of Puckett’s Pond or any of the 0ther sites that make up the FanSided.com Sports Network, then you are indirectly a fan of our Kansas City Chiefs site, Arrowhead Addict.

FanSided exists because of the success Arrowhead Addict had in the early days and continues to have today. Our founders, Adam and Zach Best, launched the network on the heels of AA’s success with the addition of sites to cover the other NFL teams. Shortly thereafter they made the decision to go all in and start team sites to cover all the teams in the 4 major sports. It was around this time, February 2009, that I came on board just as the MLB “arm” of the network was getting underway.

We’ve grown by leaps and bounds since then, but none of it would have been possible if Arrowhead Addict hadn’t come into existence and blazed the trail for us. The site remains one of the cornerstones that this network is built upon.

You can show your support for AA, the Pond and our network by voting For FanSided In The About.com Readers Choice Awards.

That’s right Arrowhead Addict is a finalist for About.com’s Reader Choice Awards in the category of Best NFL Team Blog.

One of the things that I feel sets FanSided apart from other sites and networks is that we choose to operate like a family. I’m very proud of the fact that the family atmosphere has continued on even though we’ve grown in terms of number of sites, staff and traffic.  Fellow MLB Director John Parent and I are both family guys – we have wives, kids, houses, etc.  – so FanSided has been a great fit for both of us. I know the family concept gets overused to the point it has become cliche, but family really is what we are here. If that wasn’t the case, neither John nor I would pour so much of our precious free time into the network, the MLB team and our team sites (Motor City Bengals and Puckett’s Pond respecively).

So if you’d be so kind, we’d appreciate it if you could take a moment out of your day to vote for Arrowhead Addict. A vote for them is indirectly a vote for Puckett’s Pond and every other site and writer that calls the FanSided.com Sports Network home.

It’s really easy to do. There is no need to register, create an account or anything like that. Just click here and click on Arrowhead Addict (don’t click on any of the other blogs or your vote will go to them).