‘Zero Chance’ Twins Acquire Michael Young


ARLINGTON – The Texas Rangers announced on Monday that their star third baseman Michael Young had “had a change of heart” and requested a trade. Young later said it was because the Rangers had basically given their longest tenured player the middle finger by signing Adrian Beltre to replace him and telling Young he’s now a DH and Utility player.

Where do the Twins come into this? Well for starters the Twins have long been fond of Young and have long been in desperate need of a proven third baseman. Plus Young can veto a trade to pretty much every ball club in baseball except 8; one of which is the Twins. This is nice to hear as it’s far too often we hear Minnesota on the other end of the spectrum (see the Ted Lilly/Roy Oswalt ordeal).

I’d be hard pressed to say that if this occurred at ANY other time, the Twins would jump at the chance to add a player of Young’s caliber to the infield; especially the way the front office is throwing around money and potentially prospects. However, now that the opportunity has arisen where the Twins CAN acquire Young, they have no need for him.

The fact of the matter is, at this point the Twins would be getting Young just to get him. He would be a nice addition to the lineup but the Twins are beyond satisfied with who they hope is finally the answer at third: Danny Valencia. Young would not come to a situation he was already facing in Texas, that being someone is playing his position instead of him. He would also have no place at DH with Jim Thome and (hopefully) Jason Kubel sharing the load. That would leave Young as strictly a bench player with really no opportunity for him to play other than as an injury replacement (insurance basically) or as a day game replacement with all the other ‘alternatives’.

And even if Young okayed a trade to the Twins, the price would just be too high for what little production Young would most likely have. The asking price also doubled as the Rangers are hurting for a DH with the departure of Vladimir Guerrero to Baltimore. This and the sum amount of $46 million Young is owed over the final three years of his contract. If Carl Pavano couldn’t crack $23 million, the Twins aren’t about to take on a massive salary like this.

In another time, in another place, Michael Young is playing third base for the Twins. Also the Twins have 8 straight World Series rings, the Vikings don’t suck and the North Stars are still in the Twin Cities. Fact of the matter is Michael Young would have been nice in the past but the Twins have moved on. Danny Valencia is the man at third and there is zero chance the Twins acquire Micheal Young. Also those pitching prospects we were going to trade away might just lead the Twins to 8 straight World Series titles.

That might be too wishful of thinking but still more of a possibility than Michael Young playing an inning for the Twins.