Metrodome May Not Be Ready For TwinsFest


MINNEAPOLIS — First, they take away football and now the effects of the Metrodome roof collapse are hitting home for the Twins. Even thought they no longer play there, and even though they have escaped it’s clutches by building a new state of the art outdoor stadium, the Twins are still suffering because of the Dome. Although it won’t be a game that is cancelled, for thousands of fans, it mind as well should be.

TwinsFest draws thousands of Twins fans from all over annually, and has become as important to the Twins as much as a regular season game is. The event itself is not in jeopardy at the moment, but Twins fans would still like to elude that sense of uncertainty many of them felt about where last Monday’s Minnesota Vikings game would be played. “We remain focused on the Dome,” Twins President Dave St. Peter said. “but we have looked as some other options.”

It isn’t yet known what those options are, but given the sheer size and volume of the event, it won’t be a pro shop that hosts the occasion. A likely home would be Target Field; never would there be a more perfect time to forever leave the Metrodome behind the Twins and fully move forward into the new home. The event obviously can’t be held outside on the field but if anyone has take an tour of the facility, there are plenty of good spots. It would be perfect to make it almost like a museum trip, traveling through the various levels of Target Field, seeing players and exhibits along the way. Plus Target Field itself is like museum even without TwinsFest’s added attractions; there are plenty of places to honor the 1991 World Series teams as well as places to set up souvenir stands and autograph tables. The Twins could generate a large amount of revenue by moving the event to Target Field. Concessions could be fired up for the three day event and it would be just as good as going to a ballgame —it’s be like a party with the Twins. The seats wouldn’t have to be shoveled out as there is no need for fans to be roaming the rows and certain areas reserved for tours can still be blocked off ala an actual game.

The Twins would really benefit by moving the event to Target Field, if that’s even at all possible. But if there is a way to do it, the Twins should do it regardless of the situation with the Dome. They moved out of there, they no longer are on the lease and should really have nothing to do with it anymore. It’s not nostalgic, it’s claustrophobic and should be merely a relic of the past. There is no need to honor the ’91 team in the dome simply because they won it there, holding the event at target Field would be a perfect passing of the torch-esque gesture. The last championship team the Twins had would be saying goodbye to the place they called home and saying hello to a new area of Twins baseball and a new home to watch it in. The Twins aren’t the small-ball club they once were. It was cute but so are 4 year olds but they grow up. So would the Twins if they decided to hold the event in their new home, but hey, I’m just a fan; what’s my say in the matter really mean?