Post Mortem


I really don’t have the ability to have a glowing essay about the season (yet, maybe it will come later) but for now all I have in me is a bullet list of things I think the Twins should do in the offseason.

  • Bring Jim Thome back. It goes without saying that Thome had a phenomenal year, and although he might be even more expensive next year he will be worth it. He has said he wants to come back, and he should come back.
  • As far as the other corner guys go, I think it is high time to look at getting rid of Jason Kubel and Michael Cuddyer. Kubel was brutal offensively this year, though I do think some bad BABIP luck had to do with it. Still, he is useless against lefties, and on an already lefty dominated team that is a problem. Also a problem is his horrible glove. As for Cuddyer, it’s cute that he “saved” the team by being able to play 1B in Morneau’s absence, but anyone can play 1B. Cuddyer seems like a great guy, but he costs way too much money for the production he gives you.
  • I’m not sure what to do with Carl Pavano. Best case scenario is probably for the Twins to bring him back semi-cheaply, but Pavano is a type A free agent so offering him arbitration is a no brainer. If he wants tons of money the Twins can let him walk and take the picks.
  • In the bullpen, I’m fine with keeping all the guys on board except Guerrier. It’s pretty clear his arm is just dead. Still, he is also a type A free agent, so I hope the Twins offer him arbitration. I think some team will look at his good traditional stats and offer him a deal, but if he accepts arbitration, the Twins now have the revenue stream to support overpaying him for a one year deal.
  • I suppose the Fire Gardy crowd needs to be addressed: I haven’t made up my mind on it yet, but if I do decide I would want Gardy fired, it would be because of matchup/tactical problems, not this myth that he doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in the playoffs.