I had a feeling Hunter Wendelstedt was going to be a problem, since he and Gardy have a pretty lengthy history.

Gardy-showtime (Warning: this link contains the most awesomest managerial tirade in the history of managerial tirades, but the language is very, very NSFW)

And sure enough, he was*:

*I actually found this chart here. If you are the owner, please email me so I can give you credit.

Of course, Wendelstedt (and the umpiring crew in general) aren’t the Twins’ major problem in this series. They haven’t done diddly-poo offensively in a postseason series since…uh…2002? I have a feeling that, even if they had drawn the Rays instead of the Yankees, the Twins would still be in an 0-2 hole right now.