Classic Twins TV: Getting Fired Up For the Postseason


While surfing youtube for Twins commercials, I came across some classic spots for the 1991 team. These are so early-nineties and just too unintentionally hilarious not to share, and since that season ended pretty well, I thought they might provide some inspiration for our boys. First up, some sort of bizarre game of musical chairs:

And then there’s the ‘Dancing Twins’ video:

Whitest dance moves ever. Not quite as awkward, but perhaps more inspiring, video of the welcome home celebration after the ’91 team captured the AL Pennant. It’s kind of blurry and shaky, but it’s got some good stuff from Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett:

And finally, video of the 1987 World Series parade shot by a fan:

If this season doesn’t end with my drunk, disorderly ass being hauled off in a squad car after setting fire to another squad car, I will be very disappointed.