Twins Leaders


With the season wrapped up, it’s time to look at where the Twins leaders in the various statistical categories ranked across the AL.

Note: for the rate stats I am using only qualifiers, which means Jim Thome will miss out. For the counting stats I am going by everyone in the league.

Batting Average: Joe Mauer (.327, 3rd in AL)

OBP: Joe Mauer (.402, 3rd in AL)

Slugging %: Delmon Young (.495, 15th in AL)

ISO (slugging-batting average): Delmon Young (.195, 19th in AL)

Homers: Jim Thome (25, 18th in AL)

RsBI: Delmon Young (112, 5th in AL)

Walks: Joe Mauer (65, 21st in AL)

Strikeouts: Jason Kubel (116, 20th in AL)

GIDP: Michael Cuddyer (25, T-2nd in AL)

triples: Denard Span (10, T-2nd in AL)

BABIP: Joe Mauer (.347, T-4th in AL)

LD%: Joe Mauer (24.1%, 2nd in AL)

WPA: Delmon Young (+3.21, 10th in AL)

BB%: Joe Mauer (11.2%, 14th in AL)

lowest K%: Joe Mauer (10.2%, T-5th in AL)

highest K%: Jason Kubel (22.4%, 13th in AL)

wOBA: Joe Mauer (.372, 14th in AL)

fWAR: Justin Morneau (seriously) (5.3, 10th in AL)

rWAR: Joe Mauer (5.3, 8th in AL)

Pitching leaders after the jump:

Wins: Carl Pavano (17, 7th in AL)

Losses (most): Carl Pavano (11, 24th in AL)

ERA: Francisco Liriano (3.62, 14th in AL)

Innings pitched: Carl Pavano (221, 6th in AL)

HR allowed (least): Francisco Liriano (9, T-1st in AL)

HR allowed (most): Carl Pavano (24, T-10th in AL)

Strikeouts: Francisco Liriano (201, 5th in AL)

BABIP (low): Carl Pavano (.286, 16th in AL)

BABIP (high): Francisco Liriano (.340, 2nd in AL)

K/9: Francisco Liriano (9.44, 2nd in AL)

BB/9: Carl Pavano (1.51, 2nd in AL)

K/BB: Francisco Liriano (3.47, 5th in AL)

GB%: Francisco Liriano (27.4%, 6th in AL)

WPA: Francisco Liriano (+2.23, 12th in AL)

FIP: Francisco Liriano (2.66, 2nd in AL)

xFIP: Francisco Liriano (3.06, 1st in AL)

fWAR: Francisco Liriano (6, 4th in AL)

rWAR: Carl Pavano and Francisco Liriano (4.7, T-9th)