Twins Sign First-Round Pick Alex Wimmers


As reported by Kelsie Smith, the Twins inked Alex Wimmers to a $1.332 million signing bonus. Fetch usually handles all of the draft stuff, and here’s what he had to say about the two-time Big Ten Pitcher of the Year from Ohio State :

"A 6′2″ 195 or so he has decent size, but he is more of a command guy than anything else. Sadly he throws with his right hand and not his left, but we can’t have everything. He only throws in the high 80s-low 90s, so he can’t really afford to lose any more velocity, but his curveball is one of the better secondary pitches in the draft.Wimmers has a really high floor. Unless his fastball collapses he will be a big league starter, but probably no more than a number three starter. Still, the Twins have had success with Wimmers type pitchers before, and I bet they will do it again."

Nothing too exciting, though he is probably the closest to being major-league ready of all the college pitchers in the 2010 draft. He’ll probably move through the system pretty quickly, so there’s that.