41-33: 2-for-1 Game Recap


I fell asleep before finishing the recap of last night’s game, but this is about all you need to know:

er, I mean, this is all you need to know:

At least the Tigers lost, so no harm, no foul, though all of this losing was making me look like an idiot and I hate that. As you can see, the outcome of today’s game was a little more favorable:

Johan Santana was my favorite Twin back in the day, but good God am I glad the Twins aren’t paying him a bazillion dollars over the next four years. And that has nothing to do with, uh, some recent revelations about his character, either. As a mid-market team, it is imperative for the Twins to get more value out of their players than they are actually paid, and right now Johan is about as valuable as Carl Pavano, but for nearly twice the price.

Best hitter:

Delmon Young, .119 WPA. Dear Gardy: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Move Delmon to the fifth spot. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Worst hitter:

Justin Morneau, -0.46. Eh, the Mountie’s been pretty good this year, but not in this game. He went 0-4 with a pair of strikeouts.

Best pitcher:

Carl Pavano, for the second consecutive start. He pitched a 3-hit complete game, surrendering one less hit than he gave up against the Phillies last Sunday.

Most important play of the game:

Delmon ‘Beast Mode’ Young’s double in the first, which scored a pair of runs and put the Twins up 4-0 (.130 WPA). I like it when the games are essentially out of reach in the first inning for the opposing team. It’s a nice change.