McGehee!!!! 40-30


Although Miller Park is semi a bandbox, it’s pretty neutral for right handed hitters, so Casey McGehee’s homer that tied it up for Milwaukee wasn’t a cheapo. Although it certainly didn’t get out by much.

In all, I don’t think Baker pitched too poorly. 7 strikeouts and no walks in 6 innings is nothing to sneeze at, even against an NL lineup, not to mention the fact that the strikezone was a moving target for much of the game. Still, Baker’s main problem over his career has been the long ball and it bit him again tonight.

Tonight’s fun fact: Delmon Young’s bat has been worth ~8 runs above average. Joe Mauer’s? ~5 runs.

Best hitter: Delmon (+.130)

Worst hitter: Jason Kubel (-.188)

Best pitcher: Matt Guerrier (+.015)

Worst pitcher: Scott Baker (-.299)

Most important play: McGehee homer (-.201)