That 2nd Base Ump Thanks God For Jim Joyce: 31-22


Holy shit what a terrible way to lose a game. That certainly wasn’t as bad of a call as the one that robbed Galarraga of a perfecto, but it was pretty fucking bad.

Tough to score only 1 run against Cliff Lee, but it’s Cliff Lee.

Danny Valencia gets the call while Cuddyer goes on the bereavement list. More on that tomorrow.

Kevin Slowey with another good start in a row. If he’s back to being healthy this team can go a loooooooooooooong ways.

Best hitter: Joe Mauer (+.169)

Worst hitter: Jason Kubel (-.252)

Best pitcher: Slowey (+.215)

Worst pitcher: Mijares (-.395)

Most important play: Ichiro single (-.395)