Twins-Yankees Series Preview


While the Twins have struggled in Yankee stadium, they generally play much better at home. Hopefully that continues this week at Target Field. Interestingly the Twins are statistically much better than the Yankees, although it should be noted that they get to face the Indians and Royals rather than the Red Sox and Rays. Still, these teams are probably equal at worst and this is a probable division series preview, so it would be nice to win 2 of 3 if nothing else than for the mental benefit.

Hitting wise it’s been all about Robinson Cano and his .408 wOBA. Oddly, it won’t even be the highest in the series, as Justin Morneau has a freaking .501 wOBA. Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira have shown signs of coming out of slumps lately, but they are still below average offensively this year so far.

Tonight’s starter Scott Baker has just a 4.88 ERA, but is striking out more batters than he ever has and isn’t walking many. His high BABIP (.343) means that his ERA should be trending towards his 3.72 FIP, although given his flyball tendencies and the Twins poor OF defense, it might not come down all the way.

Tomorrow’s starter is Francisco Liriano. As long as he doesn’t give the Yankees walks he should dominate. I love him. How’s that for expert analysis.

Thursday’s starter is Nick Blackburn. I dislike Nick Blackburn. He is striking out less batters per 9 than any qualified starter in baseball. Still, if he can get batters to hit the ball on the ground, he can keep being successful, especially if JJ Hardy gets back to the lineup.

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