I had a nice conversation with the site today (seriously it talks now) and it told me that it feels like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she goes from being a normal everyday hooker to being all classy. Sure she’s still a hooker, but she has a nice dress and earrings and stuff and so you have to respect her.

And so it is with the site. As you may have noticed if you logged on in the past couple of days, we have gone from working the corner to being a high paid escort. I wasn’t anti our previous layout, but as you can tell the new look is freakin amazing. Unfortunately all the jokes I now tell about the look of the site being better the the content are actually true.

In all seriousness though, all thanks to Zach and Adam for all their hard work on the re-design and all their hard work in other areas. They are certainly phenomenal guys to work for (I’ll take my bonus now, thanks)

In other site news: I think, but am not positive, that TCHB will be updated with the new look within a month or so.