Ramos’s Debut: 16-9


I don’t know if I like Liriano throwing as many pitches as he did. On one hand, it was his career high and although it was 3 years ago, he has had Tommy John surgery. Plus it’s only May and you don’t want to rush him. But on the other hand, the bullpen was shot so it perhaps was a necessary evil.

Wilson Ramos became the first Twin to have 4 hits in his debut since Jose Morales. Whenever they need a 4 hit game they should just call up a new catcher.

Best hitter: Delmon Young (+.175)

Worst hitter: Michael Cuddyer (-.226)

Best pitcher: Francisco Liriano (+.113)

Worst pitcher: Jesse Crain (+.003)

Most important play: Punto single (+.181)