A Series Loss? 14-8


Well that was ugly. Good thing I didn’t get to watch due to school.

One quick rant before the stats: pinch hitting Joe Mauer for Butera in the 8th inning was as stupid as it gets. Mauer has played a ton so far this year, and to pinch hit him with the bases empty in the 8th down 2 runs was moronic. If they tie the game there he potentially has a lot of innings to catch, and he had to catch one as it is. He’s not in the final year of a 32 million dollar deal anymore, he’s in the first year of a ~180 million dollar deal. It’s time the Twins started acting like it.

Oh yeah, and props to Carl Pavano for throwing another hell of a start, especially when he was going up against Detroit’s A lineup with our C lineup.

Best hitter: Orlando Hudson (+.011)

Worst hitter: Delmon Young (-.159)

Pitcher: Carl Pavano (+.049)

Most important play: Delmon Young double-play (-.118)